NEW Kingbay 22m Research Vessel

US $2,500,000 Finance
72' 10" - 22.20m
Vessel Location
Ex factory, China Insurance
Model Year
Hull Material
Fibreglass/GRP GRP to be 3D infused using on-line technology

The vessel will be designed by BMT Nigel Gee Ltd., world-reputable commercial & defense catamaran design and engineer transferring company. The hull form is well proven and will be hard-chined catamaran and can offer excellent stability with seakeeping quality and manoeverability to cater heavy-duty operations in rough sea conditions of Saudi Arabia. By using this well proven hull form we have traded some potential top end speed for a better level of sea-keeping and a softer ride with upgrade of operation experience drawn from many of the proven hulls that have been operated world-widely as multi-functional platform to cater the most rough sea condition of its type of vessel. This means making life more comfortable for the crew and allowing the vessel to maintain performance over a wider range of sea conditions. The vessel shall have the capability to operate upto 100 NM from the coast upto sea state 3 on hydrographic tasks and upto sea state 5 for survivability The vessel shall be multi-utility to include: a. Hydrographic survey (including coral reefs surveys). B. Marine Sciences surveys. C. Marine Geophysical survey. D. Deployment of ROV, Towed systems, Oceanographic profiling, etc. E. Search and Rescue. F. Towing of another small vessels in emergency.

US $2,500,000    Finance    Insurance
Boat Reference
Model Year
72' 10" - 22.20m
Vessel Location
Ex Factory, China
Hull Material
Fibreglass/GRP GRP to be 3D infused using on-line technology
2 x SCANIA DI16M 515KW@2100RPM, unlimited h/year Gearbox: 2 x ZF 550A Propulsion: FPP (Fixed Pitch Propeller) Max. Speed: 22 knots at half load displacement Cruising speed: 18 knots at half load displacement Economic speed: 10 knots at half load displacement Service speed: 10 knots at half load displacement and with max. Fuel economy Range: 1000 NM at 10 knots service speed Autonomy: 5 days at sea at 10 knots service speed. Engine room: The vessel is designed to be powered by two Scania DI16M 515KW high speed marine diesel engines, rated among the 'Work Boat Intermittent, Output' range which is intended for intermittent use where rated power is available for the duration of 1hour/3hours period. Accumulated load factor must not exceed 80% of rated power. Unlimited h/year. The engines will be supplied with full analogy instrumentation and an EMS display. Engine instrumentation panels will be fitted at the main control station only. Biggest advantages Scania DI16M main engine: 1) Best fuel consumption among all the international brands; 2) Most cost-performance main engine especially when compared with other brands in the yearly service time and proven performance reliability. Main Technical Specification: Brand: SCANIA (Sweden) Model: DI16M 515KW Emission Compliance: EU Stage IIIA, US Tier 2, IMO Tier II Fuel Injection System: PDE Rating: Work Boat Intermittent, Output Aspiration: Turbocharged-After cooled Governor: Electronic Cooling System: Keel-Cooled/Heat-Exchanger Cooled Engines will be handed for left or right hand servicing as provided by the Engine Manufacturer and will be fitted with block heaters. The engine supplier will supply a Torsional Vibration Analysis, including all components of the drive-train. Engine dynamometer test sheets will also be supplied with each engine. The output flange will be laser aligned with the half coupling. Propulsors and Gearbox The vessel will be propelled by 2 x fixed pitch pr
Number Engines
10,000 L
4,000 L
Crew: 6
Party Chief: 1

The exterior decks will be constructed from GRP with embedded sections to be reinforced.
All decks will have sheer or camber to ensure free draining.
All decks will be flush with the top of the fenders and free draining.
Deck cover to non skid paint.

The interior decks will be constructed from GRP.
Interior deck covers are stated as below:
Crew Accommodation: Wool Carpet
Crew Mess: Non slip vinyl
Wheelhouse: Non slip vinyl
Access Door Entrance: Brush Mats Inserts

Three Gernmany CLEEMANN or similar hydraulically dampened helm seats covered in commercial grade leather will be supplied and fitted. All seats will be fitted with a four point harness.
The helm seat will be mounted with a four point harness and slide mechanism to have been certified by GL and tested by Germany Navy as protection equipment to offer reliable stability and weight adjustment.

Crew Mess
Comprises a 'U' shaped settee for 7 persons around a dining table. Seats upholstered in selected durable fabric, stowage beneath seating. A 26" LED TV together with DVD Player is located at the aft end of the Galley to be viewed from the mess table.

Sleeping Cabins
All sleeping cabins contain berths configured in upper/lower format except the owner cabin which is offered with one berth. Berths to have solid bases with minimum 150mm squab/mattress - minimum clear height above mattress of 550mm

The head compartment contains flush toilet, vanity with basin, and separate shower compartment. Stowage lockers outboard of vanity
Non slip Vinyl
The galley is a 'U' shaped bench with stowage above and below. Equipment includes water sink, 4 x burner electric stove, microwave, dishwasher, and 110V fridge/freezer.
Ground Tackle
Fender System
The vessel will be fitted with a D-shape heavy duty rubber fendering system. The system will be fixed around the perimeter of the main deck to minimise the possibility of hull structural damage by heavy approaches.
Dimension of the fendering is 60m x 300mm x 300mm.

Mooring and Anchoring
The vessel will be fitted with six aluminium stag horn bollards. Two will be mounted on the aft deck, two amidships, and two on the foredeck. Fairleads to suit mooring lines will be fitted in the way of each stag horn.
The anchor weight and rode specification will be in accordance with survey Rules. The anchor and rode will be stowed in the anchor locker.
The AC installation will be 110V single phase, 50 Hz, with Neutral Earth but non-hull return. AC supply will be from the generator, inverter or a shore power 16 amp input.

The shore power supplied AC electrical system will primarily be used to charge the batteries, but when in inverter mode will supply four power socket outlets.

The 110V AC electrical system will include the supply of power to the following equipment:
o Engine ventilation fans
o Air conditioning system
o Demisting system
o Instant hot water unit

Battery and Charging System
Power supply batteries (24V DC) and battery chargers shall be provided as required for diesel engine starting and 24V DC control, instrumentation systems, and emergency systems. Power supply batteries shall be portable, heavy duty, deep cycle type with a minimum life expectancy of 5 years, or 200 full discharge cycles at full load, rated in accordance with cognizant regulatory body requirements. Engine battery capacity shall be suitable for five engine starts before being recharged.
Deck Gear
A-frame Crane
One hydraulically controled A-frane crane will be supplied and mounted on the centraline of aft deck near the stern platform.
The A-frame crane will be rated for 1000kg capacity on a 2 metre boom and operate hydraulically for the deployment and raise of Zodiac FC470 RIB rescue boat and other equipment.
The foundation of the A-frame crane will be specially reinforced to ensure safe operation.

Crane Davit
One hydraulically controled crane davit will be supplied and mounted on the centralline of aft deck in front of the A-frame crane.
The crane davit will be mounted approximately 700mm above the deck and extend approximately 600mm below the deck. The crane will be rated for 1000kg capacity on a 2 metre boom, and operate hydraulically for the deployment and raise of FRP small boat and research equipment, etc.

Deck Winches
One hydraulically controled deck winch, rated for 1000kg capacity, will be fixed each on the centerlline of fore deck and aft deck.
The winch fixed on aft deck will be for towing equipments like side scan sonar, sub bottom profiler, magnetometer and damaged small boat while the one on fore deck is specially for deploying seabed grab & corer and is to be free fall type.
The foundation of each winch will be specially reinforced to ensure safe operation.

Lifting Lugs
Four lifting lugs will be fitted into the vessel structure for hoisting and lowering purpose. The lugs will be incorporated into the transverse frames at the bow and aft vessel sections.
The lugs will be concealed below the main deck in a sealed compartment with flush mounted access hatches and will be through loading test.
The embedded section will be specially reinforced to enhance a solid foundation.
Note: BUILT TO ORDER (12-13 months build time)

Length (LWL): 20.9m
Height(from keel to roof): 8.1m
Displacement (lightship): 45 tonnes (estimated subject to final design)
Displacement (half load): 52.5 tonnes (estimated subject to final design)
Displacement (full load): 60 tonnes (estimated subject to final design)
Black water capacity: 1,000 L

Structure Type and Structure Materials
The structure is to be GRP constructed with additional reinforcement in highly loaded areas for the worst case loading scenario of either:
1. The vessel at full load at 22 knots in Beaufort force 6 sea conditions (Max. 1.25m Significant Wave height).
2. The vessels at full load at 12 knots economic speed in Beaufort force 6 sea conditions (Max. 5m Significant Wave height).
Hull bottom shell will be built to single skin while topside, deck, superstructure, bulkhead, etc., will be built to sandwich composite.
PVC foam shall be applied as core material for topside, deck, superstructrue and bulkhead, etc. Thickness of PVC foam varies according to different load condition of each specific structural areas.

Two aluminium, flush fitting, watertight hatch, Freeman brand or equal will be fitted to the foredeck to access the mid void space.
A fabricated flush fitting; hinged hatch will be fitted to access the chain locker.
Engine removal hatches will be of GRP and will be installed on the aft weather deck. The hatches will be flush fitting, watertight and fitted with gas struts. The hatches will be fitted with external dogs.
Hatches will be fitted to the lower interior deck to provide access for inspection of below deck compartments.

The interior finish is to meet the standards applicable to a good commercial standard of interior finish. Attention will be given to provide a hard wearing robust interior.
Linings and ceilings will be fitted in the main cabin space to conceal all cabling, ducts, piping and other services. Panels in areas that need to be accessible for servicing purposes will be fitted with detachable mechanical fastening systems such as FastMount clips or similar.
Suitable hand holds will be provided within the upper cabin such as on the back of the seats or overhead rails or vertical cabin mounted poles. The final method will be determined by the Purchaser.
The Upper cabin contains the navigation bridge and passenger seating. Aft of this is a survey area to process data from the research equipment. Internal stair access to the main deck cabin is situated aftward and to Starboard of the helm position.
The main deck cabin area comprises two head/shower facilities, one aftward to Portside owner cabin and forward of dry lab, the other one aftward to starboard side wet lab. Between the owner cabin and dry lab is a large storage room for necessary tools and equipment. Central is two down ways each leading to one of the lower single hull. Forward is substantial galley area to portside with Crew Mess to starboard side.
The lower portside single hull accomodate two crew cabins and one head/shower facility in between. Aftward the cabins is survey room for the two SBES processing separated by a watertight & fire door to aft engine room. Forward the cabins is a void space for collision purpose.
The lower starboard side single hull accomodate two crew cabins and one head/shower facility in between. Aftward the cabins is survey deck for the one ADCP processing with storage space for tools and equipment, separated by a watertight & fire door to aft engine room. Forward the cabins is a void space for collision purpose.

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