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16' 5" - 5.00m
Leisure, Commercial
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New Zealand Insurance
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The Lancer RK5000 is designed with 3 key factors:�1) Predictable and comfortable sea keeping, 2) Ease of launching and recovery, 3) Support water based activities such as diving, sailing, SUP, canoe racing etc. � Lancer has a history of creating boats for supporting water activities and has previously supplied many Organisations including Yachting New Zealand�s Olympic Programme and Luna Rossa America�s cup teams. � Lancer has set out to fill a gap in the market for a medium sized RIB that is easy to use for inexperienced operators and exceeds the requirements of the more experienced. � Further consideration has been given to keeping to boat as practical as possible. It has a clean deck free of cables and an arrangement which gives trouble free access to all sections of the RIB. � During feedback sessions with end users we discovered many operators want a boat that is robust so it can land on beaches or left on a concrete boat ramps while they get the trailer. Lancer has coupled its legendary hypalon tubes with 5mm marine grade aluminium to deliver on this requirement.

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16' 5" - 5.00m
2.21m (7.2ft)m
1.66m (5.4ft)m
Vessel Location
New Zealand
New Zealand
Hull Material
Rec Horsepower: 60hp Min Horsepower: 40hp The boat operates efficiently with 30-80 hp long shaft outboards. Recommended horse power (Short or extra-long shaft option available on request). RANGE Dependant on engine configuration. Based on a 4 stroke 50hp at 3000rpm will use approximately 6.3 litres per hour. Giving an estimated range of 80-100NM. Range will vary dependant on rpm and speed.
Safety Gear

During feedback session a consistent need for clean and uncluttered decks became apparent. This was for many reasons including reducing entanglements with equipment, crew safety, good drainage and ease of Manoeuvrability.

This requirement led us to 4 key features:

Anchor locker with easy access
Separate pedestal Console
Straddle seat with space to walk through between the console
Under floor fuel storage.
The Anchor locker is correctly sized anchor locker with lipped hatch for a generous access The locker drains across the de thedecks instead of the bilge through limber holes. The Locker is fitted with davit lifting points on the vertical face to keep the deck clear.
The Pedestal console is a proven design used by yachting New Zealand at the London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics as well as other campaigns. It has excellent access to equipment for maintenance and houses the battery. Having the battery forward in the boat and in a box within the console ensures it is in the best possible position to prevent it being damaged during swamping.

A significant feature of the straddle seat is that it forms access to below deck for storing 2x standard fuel tote tanks. Many users found underfloor fuel tanks difficult to fill and problematic. They often reverted to carrying tote tanks on deck which created issues. By storing fuel tanks under the hull it keeps the weight balanced the decks clear.

The seat also has ample weather proof storage for
Internal Length: 4.08m (13.4ft)
Internal Beam: 1.66m (5.4ft)
Tube Diameter (at transom):0.45m (1.5ft)
Chambers: 5
Dry Ship Weight 250 kgs (exc outboard)
Max Load: 1000 kgs
Max Person: 6
Dead Rise: 20 degrees
Shaft Length: 20 inch (25 inch optional)

Speed will vary depending on layout and power options. The below figures are recorded with a full fuel state (48l) with a driver (100kgs) in Sea State 2.
The hull rises to the plane easily around 8-10 knots, and cruises comfortably at 20+ knots in sea state 3. During testing the RK5000 was tested up to sea state 4 where it maintained planning speeds without exerting strain on the occupants.

Operational in shallow water 0.7m, with a moulded draft 0.36 m. The boat is capable of high speeds, 25 knots plus, in up to sea state 3 and the hull is fully seaworthy at planing speeds in sea state 4.

Turns within a radius of four boat lengths when proceeding at 50% of engine continuous RPM and within 7 boat lengths when proceeding at 100% of engine continuous RPM. When going astern, turns within 4 boat lengths, with engines at 25% of continuous RPM. (Subject to variation depending on outboard selection. )

The hull is a forward plumb bow, extending to a 20 degree dead rise at the stern. The hull is stable in the static and dynamic mode.
The internal hull configuration enables major components such as Fuel Tanks, Steering Consoles, and Seating to be customised in a number of positions.

Hull Construction
Standard hull construction is 5 mm marine grade aluminium with full length welds. Thicker aluminium hulls are available on request. The hull is designed in 3 sections, the hull shape, girder/floor and the transom.
A laser cut hull ensures consistency of shape and reinforced by girders.
The girder/floor system increases torsional strength and creates a flat work/mounting surface. The transom is reinforced by struts and by folded aluminium at the engine attachment,

Various options are available to suit individual requirements. Standard Fittings include:

Hull (Standard)
5mm Aluminium, Bow Stem Eye, Anchor Cleat, Anchor Locker with Bitter end fixing, Hard wearing foam deck, Self Draining Scuppers, Keel Bung, 4 point Davit Eyes, Keel Bilge Pump, Pedestal Console, Straddle Seat, Below Deck Tote tank Storage, Below Deck Rigging Conduit, White Hull

Tube (Standard)
Hypalon 1100 Denier, Fairlead, 4x Mooring D Rings, Internal Safety Lines, Flush Armour-clad rub rail, 5 Chamber, Repair Kit, Paddle Retailers, Choice of Colours

Hull (Optional)
Internal Fuel Tank, Waterproof Transom Locker, Sampson Post (bow or stern), Removable Bimini, Boat Cover, Coloured Hull, Navigation Lights, Power Points, Electronics

Tube (Optional)
External Life Line, Grab handles, D rings, Heavy Weight Material

Tubes are divided into 5 compartments. Neptune Grey is standard colour with other colours are available.
The Tubes are made from polyester fabric coated with "DuPont" Hypalon. Standard weight (1300gsm). These fabrics have high resistance to abrasion, harsh sunlight, ozone and ultra violet rays, of any fabric available for inflatable craft.

All fabrication of the Hypalon fabric is be done in Lancer`s 20,000 sq ft purpose built plant, in atmospherically controlled conditions against time controls.. Seams are cold bond, with neoprene based two part adhesive. The strength of the seams used in the tube exceeds the strength of the fabric. Construction standards exceed ISO 6185 -Inflatable boats.

All seams are jointed and taped internally and externally. All compartments are fitted with corrosion proof valves with a double-seal closure. All fittings are fabricated from Hypalon fabric, nylon, polyester and where required stainless steel. Fittings are attached in such a way that if they are torn off it will not affect the integrity of the Tube.

1x Operating and maintenance manual.
1x Tube repair kit and repair manual.
1x Paddles
1x Foot Pump

Lancer boats are built to operate in tropical conditions; boats have been used for many years and in conditions varying from Greenpeace, Antarctic Expedition, to N. Z. Naval in South East Asia.

Lancer has also conducted International Maritime Organisation SOLAS test on Inflatable Boats at -30o C and 120oF 48.9C the materials are unaffected.

The boat is relatively simple to operate, but it is recognised that efficient handling in a crisis depends on competent operators, where required Lancer can provide specialised training.

A detailed operating, maintenance and repair manual will be provided to cover all aspects of the boat.

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