New Floating Docks For Mono/Twin Hulls Up To 5000kgs

NZ $500
Trinity Beach North Island
Launch Year

New Floating Boat Docks for Vessels under 5 Tonne
Mono Hull - Twin Hull - Jet Ski - Multi Docks - Combo Docks

Price: Sold as Per m2 (Jan Special)
Docks Over 22m2 $500/m2, Docks 11-22m2 $550/m2, Docks Under 11m2 $600m2)

350kgs/m2 Payload - Anti Slip - Ecofriendly - All Weather - Long Lasting 20yrs
Configure Any Size Dock - Multiple Colours - Universal Centre Float - Safe
Recyclable - Extend/Remove Anytime - High Buoyancy - Marine Safe & Certified

Dock Size
Example: 6m Vessel = 7.5 x 3.0m dock = 22.5m2
Extra 1.5m Length allows room to tie-down/secure vessel when on dock
Dock width depends on how much room you require to manoeuvre on dock sides
You cam configure docks to any LxW in multiples of 0.5m

Free Quotes
Send your vessel LxW & weight fully loaded and we will reply with firm quote including all dock details, products & dock lay-out. ottop. Com. Au

Prices include cubes, 3-Roller Centre Floats, Connections & Tools
Price is ex Depot or we can arrange To Door delivery

Heavy Vessels +2200kgs
For vessels over 2200kgs we suggest the under-dock support pipes which assist with weight distribution & avoids rear dock sagging

Is a very simple DIY assemble. 2 people can connect 50 cubes per hour
If unable to install, we can arrange on your behalf. Fee applies

Flooding Cubes
(same as single cube - no extra charge). The optional Flooding Cubes offer a smoother drive-on/off passage. These are positioned at the first 2/3 rows at dock entry and can be filled with water which in-turn curves the dock into the water. There is a special tool provided which allows you to empty the flooding cubes when required

Product & Accessories
Full product details, images, videos & Dock Accessories can be viewed on our web page ottop. Com. Au. The docks offer a 350kg per m2 payload. Cube Colours Blue, Grey, Orange. We offer discounts on all accessories when purchasing with a Dock

Other Floating Docks
Quays, Berths, Jetty, T-Docks, Fingers, Walkways, Barriers, Bridges, River Crossings
Contact ottop. Com. Au

NZ $500      
Launch Year
Trinity Beach North Island
North Island

Kel Wilson
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Trinity Beach
North Island
New Zealand

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