Spitfire 750 3000kg Ton Aluminium - 316 Strainless Steel Boat Trailer

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Townsville QLD
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Spitfire Trailers North Queensland are proud to announce their opening with the introduction of the Spitfire Model Glide - On Range.

This is the most innovative upgrade design of boat trailers in 70 years.

The use of modern polymers removes all maintenance of rollers and eliminates the risk of damage to your hull by metal keel roller brackets.

This super slippery HDUVPE allows you to slide your boat on or off safely with none of the drag or sticking on roller trailers.

Check out the ease of operation on this video link.

https://youtu. Be/sHD5V4hlEgk

Full information on our website.

www. Spitfiretrailers. Com. Au

General Specifications & Standard inclusions.

* Chassis - 6061- T 6 Hardened and anodised aluminium.

* Fittings & Brackets - 316 Stainless Steel

* Brakes - Deemaxx, Hydraulic, Stainless Vented discs, Stainless sheathed flexible hydraulic lines, Stainless brake line ends.

* Suspension - Independent Torsion Axles.

* Axle Spindles - 'Quick Grease' - Repack your bearing grease in minutes without removing the hubs

* Alloy Wheels - All Spitfire trailers come with Alloy Wheels as standard

* ATM - All braked Spitfire trailers 1,120 kg - 1,500 kg - 2,000 kg - 3,000 kg are all built on our independently Certified 3.5 Ton chassis.. That's right even a Spitfire 1.12 Ton Trailer comes on a 3.5 Ton Independently Certified Chassis

* Draw Bar - All Spitfire Draw Bars on Braked Spitfire Trailers be they 1,120 kg - 1,500 kg - 2,000 kg - 3,000 kg are all built using our independently Certified 3.5 Ton Draw Bar.. That's right even a Spitfire 1.12 Ton Trailer comes on a 3.5 Ton Independently Certified Draw Bar.

* Winch - All Spitfire winches are CNC machined from 316 Stainless Steel and fitted with Bronze Bushes.

* Mudguards - All Spitfire Mudguards are made from one piece 4mm Checker Plate aluminium, no welding and fitted with Vibration Dampers to eliminate cracking.

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Pricing includes rego 12month QLD, Spare wheel and bracket & iQ7 Alko Hydro brake unit

The Spitfire Objective;

To provide the best possible design and quality in an Anodised and Hardened Aluminium boat trailer, with 316 stainless steel fittings at a price competitive with galvanised steel trailers.

Our founder was born into boats.

One grandfather was a shipwright the other a commercial fisherman.

He grew up as a 2 year old, playing with wood shavings on the boat shed floor and with the shiny copper roves and rivets.

He obtainer his ships masters ticket at age 25 and his aircraft pilots licence at 29 years of age.

He has owned six aircraft, including an amphibian, and countless boats.

He is a perfectionist and Spitfire Trailers are designed from this lifetime of hands on practical experience on the water and in the air.

His practical experience on the water has seen the first major improvement in boat trailer design in 70 years and the quality of material, components and accessories used in the trailers are in line with what you would find in an aircraft.

This can be immediately seen, not only in the design quality and build, but also in the fact that Spitfire is the only company in the world that manufacturers a hardened and anodised aluminium boat trailer with 316 Stainless fittings.

Spitfire trailer chassis and draw bars are made from Grade 6061 - T 6 Aluminium with is extruded, cut to length, CNC drilled, bent ( or welded in the case of the winch post ) then brushed to remove factory bruising and then hardened in it's finished shape and finally anodised.

Always demanding the best, be it the 316 Stainless winches, the DEEMAXX Stainless Steel Brakes or Quick Grease axles that allow you to change your wheel bearing grease in minutes, without removing your wheels or hubs.

Using only the best of materials and accessories.

Always aiming for perfection.

This perfectionist attitude to provide the best quality at a fair and comparable price to galvanised steel trailers comes from experience and a 40 year manufacturing history in the marine industry.

This is demonstrated in that every Spitfire Model design is Certified 'at arms length' by outside independent Austraklian Engineers.

It is further backed up in that every braked Spitfire chassis and draw bar, be it for a 1,120 kg Spitfire Trailer or a 3.5 Ton Spitfire Trailer is manufactured from our Independently Certified 3.5 Ton chassis and 3.5 Ton draw bar.

The "Spitfire Obsession", is to make Spitfire Boat Trailers the strongest and highest quality in the industry.

To make a boat trailer that will outlast the boat and it's purchaser... And be handed down to the next generation.

To make the highest quality aluminium and stainless steel trailer... For the price of a galvanised steel trailer.

AU $13,149 GST included      
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Townsville Qld

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