53.3m LCT/Fuel Tanker For Sale or Charter

174' 10" - 53.30m
Vessel Location
Dampier, Australia Insurance
Hull Material

Direct from our close Owners. We offer this 53m LCT with Australian flag (RAV to international standards) for either charter or sale. Suitable to be used as offshore support vessel to transport water, bunker and deck cargo. Australian flag. Built 2015 Wuzhu Shipyard, Zhedziang, China. She is uniquely high specified, being Double Hull, UMS, Tanker notation for carriage of cargo above 60 deg and deck rated to be able to carry wheel cargo up to 120mt. The vessel, including her machinery, equipment and outfitting was constructed under the supervision of Bureau Veritas (BV Rules for Classification) and with a Class notation suitable for a unrestricted service multi-purpose container and oil tanker. BV Notation: I, + HULL, + MACH, Deck ship, Equipped for carriage of containers, Oil product in tanks, FP>60°C, Unrestricted navigation, +AUT-UMS 800 Mt dwt on 2.8 m ssw draft, Cargo Fuel capacity approx 500 mt, Cargo FW capacity approx 300 mt. Cargo capacity 500mt (60 TEU, including 20 reefer) 40mt stack weight. Ramp length 12m and capacity 120mt Main Engines: 2 x Yanmar 6EY17W each 590 kW @ 1350 rpm. Speed min 10mt knots. Endurance 1500 n. Miles. Air conditioned Crew accommodation for 8. All details about and subject to reconfirmation.

Boat Reference
174' 10" - 53.30m
15.0m (49ft 2in)
2.4m (7ft 10in)
Vessel Location
Dampier, Australia
Western Australia
Hull Material
Two (2) sets of main engines shall be provided to drive twin screws through a reduction gear box. Main type: Yanmar 6EY17W MCR: 2 x 590 kw @ 1350 RPM CSR: MCR x 85% (2 x 501.5 kw @ 1278.8 RPM) Start: Battery start Cooling type: keel cooled Gear box Two (2) reduction gear box shall be provided. Generators Three (3) sets diesel engine driven generators shall be provided. Alternators: 200kW, 415V/3P/50 Hz, 3 wires Start: Battery start Cooling type: keel cooled Emergency Generator One (1) emergency generator shall be provided on main deck. Model: Cummins 6BT5.9-D(M) 91kW, 415V/3P/50 Hz
Engine Make
130 m³
Potable: 70 m³
8 Persons

Deck coverings to be of best available quality for carpet or vinyl.
Each cabin provided with individual bathroom (or prefabricated).
Each bathroom of fibreglass or tiled steel construction.
Cabin furniture to be light coloured timber laminate.
All deckhead materials to be white finish
All bulkhead materials to be light in colour
Noise and vibration levels must not exceed 65 db standard in cabins and messrooms
Mess-rooms to be furnished to comfortable western standard.
Bunk sizes must be 1060mm wide and 2030mm long (king single).
Each cabin to be equipped with a TV/DVD (approx 30 inch) plus a small stereo set.
Two domestic type refrigerator units shall be provided in food store.
One small refrigerator to be located on each deck in a communal area for drinking water.
Compact laundry required with 2 front load domestic washing machines plus 2 dryers
Furniture colour to be decided by owner. Light colour wood grain laminate (beech colour)
Ground Tackle
Anchoring and Mooring
Two (2) 1,740kg stockless anchors of speck type as bower anchor to be provided corresponding chain cables 32 mm (Grade 3).
One (1) pair of windlasses driven by electro-hydraulic system combined with winch (for bow door) enclosed gear type without constant tension characteristic to be provided on forecastle deck.
Each windlass has one (1) gypsy wheel and one (1) wire line drum mounted directly on the shaft. Gypsy wheel and wire line drum not to be operated simultaneously.
The capacity of gypsy wheel is abt. 48.7 kN x 9 m/min, the capacity of drum is 150 kN x 15 m/min on first layer.
One (1) set of mooring winch with one hawser drum and warping head on each side driven by electro-hydraulic system without constant tension characteristic to be provided on poop deck.
The capacity of hawser drum is 30 KN x 15 m/min on first later.
Four (4) pieces of 160 m, dia. 36 mm, Polypropylene fiber ropes to be provided. The breaking load of each rope above is abt. 166
Safety Gear
Life Saving Equipment
One (1) set of 6p. FRP open type motor rescue boat with single release hook (it's also used as working boat) to be provided with out board diesel engine. Launching of rescue boat to be by gravity single-arm davit for rescue boat, which is combined with provision crane for store and spare parts.
Two (2) sets of 16p inflatable life rafts in GRP containers, shall be installed on Captain deck.
Life buoys, total eight (8) sets, to be provided, herein two (2) sets have life line of 30m in length, four (4) sets have light, and two (2) sets have light and smoke signal.
These life buoys to be arranged at suitable position of the vessel.
Life jackets total 13 pieces, to be provided and each has a light. Immersion suits
to be not provided according to Owner requirements. Arrangement for life jackets as per Owners standard.
Lifesaving equipment shall comply with the requirements of Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
All LSA requiring servicing (Breathing apparatus, liferafts etc) to be of good international brand which can be serviced in Australia.

Fire fighting appliance
All fire extinguishers to be of Australian standard and marked according to marine orders.

Rescue Zone
Each vessel to be provided with a rescue zone on each side for the purposes of rescue and also for pilot boarding. The area should be marked accordingly with yellow paint. Specification in accordance with class rules.
Power system: AC415V/240V/50Hz; DC24V

One (1) set of Main Switchboard is installed in engine control room consisting of:
- Generator Panels
- AC415V /50Hz/3phase Feeder Panels
- AC240V/50Hz/single phase Feeder Panels
- Group Starter Panels
One (1) set of Emergency Switchboard is installed in emergency generator room consisting of:
- Generator Panels
- AC415V Feeder Panels
- AC240V Feeder Panels
One (1) set of Battery Charge and Discharge Panel is installed in wheelhouse.

Two (2) sets of Lighting Transformers are provided, 50kVA, 400/240V, 3Ph.
Two (2) sets of Emergency Transformers are provided, 15kVA, 400/240V, 3Ph.

Battery Sets
One (1) set of General Use battery is provided, DC24V, 200Ah.
One (1) set of Radio Equipment battery is provided, DC24V, 200Ah.

Shore Connection Box, Power Distribution Box, Reefer Container Sockets
One (1) set of Shore Connection Box is provided, AC415V, 63A, 50Hz.
Necessary quantity of power distribution box for lighting and machinery equipment are provided, AC415V, 50Hz or AC240V, 50Hz.
Electrical power outlets (GPO's) will be provided by owners to Australian standards.
Twenty (20) pieces of reefer container socket are to be installed on upper deck.
18 pieces are located after, and 2 pieces are located forward. The reefer container sockets shall be individually switched.

Control Consoles
One (1) set of Wheelhouse Control Console is installed in wheelhouse.
One (1) set of Engine Control Console is installed in engine control room.

Electrical Wiring
Electrical design and wiring is to be in accordance with AS 3000 which is the
Australian Standard for minimum requirements of electrical wiring systems.
Automotive style crimps are not permitted on any electrical or signal wires.
Connections must be made by properly designed clamps, or by soldered
connections (or equivalent).
All wiring must be properly fixed to the vessels structure in a neat and effective way.
Earthing is to be by way of a floating earth system. Suitable gauges must be provided to identify when earth faults exist within the vessels electrical systems.

Electric Lighting
The vessel is adequately lighted with fixtures suitable for marine use.
All exterior lighting is required to be yellow in colour to meet the local regulation, and floodlights shall be designed with appropriate screens to reduce the amount of light leakage from the vessel. LED lighting preferred if possible/convenient.
Electronics / Navigation
The vessel is equipped with the following navigation equipment:
Qty. Unit
1 Magnetic Compass, reflected type
1 Echo Sounder
1 Speed Log
1 ARPA Radar, X-Band
1 Anemometer
1 Window Wiper
1 Air Horn
2 Rudder Angle Indicator (2)
1 or 2 GPS compass

The steering gear system shall be designed as follows:
1- Two separated "twin cylinder" steering gear units with two rudders respectively;
2- Mode 1: the two rudders turn synchronously (same angle) -35~0~+35
degree, operated by "one" lever;
3- Mode 2: the tow rudders can be "insulated" by "switch", and operated by two
independent levers separately. This can be done electrically or hydraulically;
4- One hydraulic power supply unit with two pumps acc. To Class normal requirements;
5- Time for -35~+30 degree shall meet the requirement of Class;
6- The mode 1 shall be done by NFU levers for port rudder, starboard rudder or both.
Each rudder is synchronized to its lever;
7- Autopilot is needed for mode 1 (both) of normal steaming;
8- El-hydraulic operating or hydraulic-hydraulic operating by maker's standard;
9- Rudder angle indicator for each rudder at wheel house and steering gear room.
The nautical equipment shall meet the requirement of AMSA and NSCV.

Radio Equipment
The vessel is equipped with the following radio equipment:
Qty. Unit
2 INMARSAT-C Earth Station
1 GMDSS Control Console with battery charger
1 VHF radiotelephone with DSC
1 Satellite EPIRB
2 Radar Transponder
3 Portable Two-way VHF Radiotelephone

Interior Communication & Alarm System
The vessel is equipped with the following interior communication and alarm
Qty. System
1 Batteryless Telephone
1 Public Address and General Alarm
1 Engine Telegraph
1 Fire Detection and Alarm
1 FM/TV Antenna Receiving System 1*
1 Computer Network System 2*
1* TV antenna and powerpoint required in each cabin
2* Computer network cabling required between bridge, office, and engine room computers.
Deck Gear
Bow Door
One (1) bow door shall be provided at the fore part to be used for loading/unloading the cargo by forklift.
The local hydraulic control station for the bow door shall be provided at the fore part port and starboard.

The main particulars of the bow door to be as follows:
SWL at least 120 tonnes.
8.0m wide and at least 10 metres long. (longer the better).
The door must be very robust as it will be used daily.
Hydraulic winches strong enough for intended loadings (every day)
Winch wires certified for SWL.
Wire sheaves at least 11.5 times wire diameter.
Each sheave pin drilled for remote grease point.
Excellent quality bushes and sheave materials required.
Winch controls such that door can be raised or lowered by 1 man.
Preventers required in case of wire failure (test cert. Required).

Hydraulic Power Unit
One (1) common hydraulic power unit shall be provided for bow door, the pair of windlasses (at the fore part) and two (2) winches (at the aft part).

Cargo Oil Pumps
Two (2) electrical driven centrifugal type cargo oil pumps shall be provide in engine room.
Capacity: 80 m3/hr, 0.80 MPa

Cargo Fresh Water & Ballast water Pumps
Two (2) electrical driven centrifugal type cargo FW pumps shall be provide in engine room.
Capacity: 60 m3/hr, 0.65 MPa
These two pumps are also used as stand by cooling water circulating pumps

Cooling water Circulating Pumps
Two (2) electrical driven centrifugal type cooling water pumps shall be provide in
engine room.
Capacity: 60 m3/hr, 0.30 MPa
Fresh water cooling will have a toxic anti corrosive additive.
Survey Details
The vessel is built, outfitted and commissioned at Wuzhou Shipyard, Zhejiang, China.
All engineering, drawings and specification are in accordance with the applicable rules, standards and codes as mentioned below.
The vessel, including her machinery, equipment and outfitting is constructed under the supervision of Bureau Veritas (BV Rules for Classification) and with a Class notation suitable for a unrestricted service multi-purpose container and oil tanker.
BV notation:
I, + HULL, + MACH, Deck ship, Equipped for carriage of containers, Oil product in tanks, FP>60°C, Unrestricted navigation, +AUT-UMS
The vessel shall be registered under the Australian Flag

Builders Certificate
Class certificate (for Hull and Machinery)
Cargo Ship Safety Certificates and other trading certificates
Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)
Cargo securing manual
IOPP Certificate
Load Line Certificate
Tonnage certificate
Asbestos free certificate
Dangerous goods certificate
Sewage system certificate
Something else to be added as appliances

Fire & Bilge Pump
Two (2) electrical driven centrifugal type fire & bilge pumps shall be provide in engine room.
Capacity: 43 m3/hr, 0.43 MPa

Emergency firefighting Pump
One (1) electrical driven centrifugal type emergency firefighting pump shall be
provided in engine room.
Capacity: 30 m3/hr, 0.45 MPa

Oily Water Separator
One (1) set of 0.5 m3/h oily water separ
PRICE: Price guidance available
PRICE NOTES: For sale or long term charter or bareboat.

This Landing Craft is a highly versatile multipurpose vessel of advanced hull design. The primary functions of the craft are to perform transportation of containers and heavy cargoes on deck. The vessel can also be readily equipped to carry cargo oil and cargo fresh water in the cargo tanks and supply service. In Cargo area, double bottom tank shall be designed for F. W. Tanks, wing tanks (P&S) for void space. The height of D. B. And width of wing tanks shall be suitable for the Class requirement of double hull oil tanker. 20ft and 40ft containers shall be loaded. Abt. 60 TEU on deck, including 20 reefer sockets (18 reefer points located aft, 2 reefer points forward).

Standard cars, trailers, pallets and standard ISO containers 20' and 40' which are allowable to design within the scope of this specification and/or general arrangement plan for service in Australia. The vessel to be designed and constructed as a twin screw motor driven landing craft type deck cargo vessel for unrestricted service with minimum manning operation. The accommodation, navigation bridge and propulsion machinery department shall be located at aft of the vessel. The vessel shall be divided into five (5) watertight compartments under freeboard deck:
Fore peak tank (P & S)
Bow thruster room
Void space (P & S) / 3 Pair Cargo F. O. Tank (P & S) / 3 Pair Cargo F. W. Tank (P & S)
Engine room/F. O. Tank (P & S)
Steering gear room/F. W. Tank (P & S)

Principal Dimensions and Capacities
Depth moulded to main deck: 4.20m
Scantling draught: 2.80m
Deadweight at design draft of 2.4m abt. 550T
Cargo Wight at design draft of 2.4m abt. 500T
Cargo oil capacity not less than 500 m³
Cargo F. W. Capacity: 300 m³
Dirty oil: 2 m³
Fuel oil overflow: 3 m³
Fuel oil day tanks: 5 m³ each
Grey/black water: 10 m³
Container Quantity: 60 TEU
(Including 20 Reefers)
Speed: (85% MCR, 15%S. M. And designed Draft) Not less than 10.0 Knots
Endurance: 1,500 n. Miles
Gross Tonnage abt. : 1015

The vessel's main deck has an approved homogenous loading capacity of 10 t/m². Increased loading may be accommodated in certain cases by prior approval, subject to BV acceptance.

Cargo area on main deck shall be sheathed in hard wood approximately 50mm thick, with bitumen between wood pieces, wood and steel deck Container lashing twist-lock sockets arranged transversely for 20 TEU and 40 TEU. Stack weights up to 45 tonnes per stack. Round steel shall be welded out the hull plate in the fore part to protect damage during the vessel touch beach. On main deck, two flash type water tight manholes shall be provided for the maintenance above each M/E. One manhole for G/E shall be provided. All vents and fittings tucked up under the bulwarks with suitable steel defender.
Safeguards fitted to all diesel cargo tank vents. Design to be decided.
Along main deck cargo area, hard wood floor is paved with suitable padding
material, and keep all the way between cargo area and released ramp door flat.
Thickness of wood is abt. 50mm.

Steering Gear
Two (2) sets of steering gear shall be provided.
Both of them can be capable of parallel and individually controlled.
Duty capacity of the steering gear to be abt. 12 KN-m determined by actual calculation and approved by Classification Society subject to rudder area.
The rudder to be of a double plate with streamline section and sole piece type with rudder angle of ±35°. Time from -35° to + 30° is less than 20 seconds.
One (1) portable control box for both steering gear and M/E to be provided.

Coating Specification
All coatings for five (5) years life to be applied in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. All cargo fuel tanks require coatings. Two (2) F. W. Ballast tanks to be coated for potable water (balance non potable). Paint schedule and colour see appendix I

Cathodic protection
Aluminium or zinc sacrificial anodes are to be fitted on stern part, rudder, sea chests and external hull for corrosion protection (5 years life). Water ballast tank will be protected with approved aluminium anodes for 5 years life.

Small paint store, chemicals and fuel samples store, smoking area are arranged Respectively
Shelf to be provided in the paint store. And also chemical samples store.

One (1) supply fan to be provided for each side of passage way.

One (1) extraction fan to be provided for smoking room.

Bow thruster
One (1) electrical driven (frequency control) tunnel type bow thruster shall be provided.
Propeller of bow thruster diameter: about ?900 mm Power: 200 kW

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