Stark Bros 16.8m Fishing Vessel

55' 1" - 16.80m
In-shore Fishing, Off-shore Fishing
Vessel Location
South Island Insurance
Launch Year
Hull Material

FV Legacy, designed and built by Stark Bros of NZ in 2012, at 16m and 115 tonnes, it builds on the Stark Family Legacy of commercial fishing boats designed, built, operated, repaired and maintained to the highest standard by the Stark Family of Lyttelton, NZ since 1967. The capabilities and presentation of this 7 year old vessel will impress. Built in Lloyds A Grade steel plate over shipbuilding bulb flat ( Holland Profile) frames for strength and paint performance, it is obviously above spec for a 16m boat and built to last. Fitted with Stability Wings, it is a stable platform for crew comfort and fishing operations. With all the necessary fishing electronics to catch fish in a wide range of conditions and to then maximise the value of fresh fish, while utilising a CPP, Fixed nozzle with Rudder to maximise bollard pull and minimise fuel consumption. In addition to standard echo sounder, the FV Legacy also has a WASSP - specialist Wide Angle Sonar give 3D bottom mapping, and Marport net and trawl door monitors, 2 net rollers and good trawl winches, a conveyor from deck pound to sorting table inside the shelter deck, carrying 480 bins in the refrigerated hold, with the onboard Salt Water Ice maker, this vessel is fully self-contained with its own unloading derrick to land fish from the hold directly to the wharf or truck. It is currently fishing, but due to additional vessels joining the Stark Family fleet, it is now being marketed for sale.

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Boat Reference
Launch Year
55' 1" - 16.80m
5.60m (18ft 4in)
3.20m (10ft 5in)
115 Tonne
Vessel Location
South Island
New Zealand
Hull Material
DI12 59M
Engine Make
350HP @ 1800 rpm
Cruise Speed
9 knots
Kohler Marine genset 28EF02D 3 phase, 28 KVA
9500 litres
3100 litres
Brema Saltwater Ice Maker, 1500kg /24hr and cold wall refrigeration panels in fish hold
Ground Tackle
Stark Bros Hydraulic split winches, computer controlled, auto scrolling/wire counting, 1800m x 14mm wire per winch
Cod End Winches: 2 x Rotzler TC2
Unloading Winch: 1 x Rotzler TH1
Safety Gear
Hundested Marine Gear CPG-32 9.05:1
Life Raft
RFD Surviva 4 man SOLAS A pack
Kannad 406 float free
Electronics / Navigation
Radar: Furuno ARPA Radar M1835,36nm colour radar
Compass: Saura MR-150
Depth Sounder: Furuno FCV295-NT
Sonar: WASSP WMB-160F Multi-beam sonar
Radio SSB: Icom IC-M801E SSB Radio
Radio VHF: Uniden Oceanus UM415 VHF Radio
Auto Pilot: Furuno Nav pilot 700
GPS: Furuno SC-30 Sat Compass
Chart Plotting: SeaPlot PRO
Watch Alarm: BHM autopilot watch-keeping alarm

Type of craft: Stern Trawler
In Survey to: NZ Offshore Fishing Vessel 200nm
Home Port: Lyttelton, NZ
MNZ #: 134489
Radio Call Sign: ZMW9337
Fishing Number: 901113

Propeller: Hundested Variable Pitch 9ó HP/HP, 1800mm diameter, 3 blade, LH Propeller
Bollard Pull: 6.4 tonnes @ 1800 rpm
Steering: Hydraulic operated single blade rudder
Nozzle: Stark Bros Fixed Nozzle
Net Rollers: Stark Bros - 1 x Main, and 1 x spare net roller
Fish Hold: 40 cubic metres capacity
Paint: International Paints
Lube Oil Capacity: 820 litres
Waste Water Capacity: 60 litres
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 1000 litres

Key points of interest from the owners

The FV Legacy has been fishing well. The FV Legacy was launched on 21 Feb 2012, so is only just 7 years of age.
It has recently been dry docked (March 2018) for its 2 yearly out of water survey, at which time we also fitted a Marport Net Monitoring System, which is paying dividends.
The FV Legacy is also fitted with a WASSP system, which helps when fishing new grounds or areas where foul ground is known as they can be mapped precisely with an underwater "3D picture" displayed.
The FV Legacy is in survey with SGS M&I and is surveyed as an NZ Offshore Fishing Vessel (to 200nm offshore), it is also within the MOSS system with MNZ and is fully compliant in all aspects of safe vessel operation.
The owners run a relatively comprehensive set of spreadsheets which track Weekly Servicing / Maintenance Worklist / Safety Equipment / Parts Lists. The Weekly Servicing is tracked with each item assigned an hourly interval for servicing, enabling a weekly service list to be generated based on the engine hours.
Whilst it is understood the catch value and quantity achieved by a fishing vessel is dependent on the skipper, the area it fishes and also the catch plan and ACE available, so it is difficult to make comparisons as to the quantity of fish we catch vs the quantity of fish another operator might catch with it. However as a guide, the FV Legacy catches about 900 - 1000 tonnes of fish per year, operation is 5 days per week, and about 46 weeks a year, and it fishes with Skipper and 2 crew. So as you can see it can and has caught a lot of fish, very efficiently.
The owners believe this length vessel 16.8m and 115 tonnes displacement is ideally suited to the NZ coast, and straddles the inshore / middle depth fishery extremely well. This will be the case for many other countries and fisheries.
It will carry 480 standard sized plastic bins in the fish hold stacked 9 bins high, which is refrigerated with cold wall panels, as well using flake ice from the onboard salt water ice maker.
The FV Legacy also has a variable pitch propeller (as with all their vessels), providing the maximum benefit in fuel efficiency possible.
The FV Legacy has a Bollard Pull of 6.4 tonnes which is impressive for a vessel of her size.
Fuel Use: The vessel has an average of 36 litres fuel used per engine hour over the past 2 years.
SeaBoats is very pleased to be offering one of New Zealand's most advanced fishing vessels due to the owner's rationalising their fishing fleet. Some other vessels in their fleet are also available. More details are available on request.

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