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During the past seven years, this class-leading dolphin and seal eco-boat tours business has been competing with long-established charter boat businesses that have roamed the waters for over 20 years. The only new boat on the water that's bloomed in this highly desirable location and lifestyle to this day, and grows even stronger, is this one.

How did we prosper amongst the old guard and thrive, we can hear you ask.

For starters, the fun small group boat tours offers a much more personalised touch to the whole guest experience. Secondly, we recognise the fear of the unknown that some guests bring with them and we know how to turn that into confidence and make it fun. So it's no wonder we are listed the number 1 activity on Trip Advisor for 2-years running (2020-2021).

And with the next 3-years growth predicted to explode in local, national and international tourism, this exceptional business is riding the endless crest of a perfect wave. Six-million Victorians are about to emerge from one of the world's longest lockdowns. 80% of the 25-million Australians trapped on this island are about to become free to roam on holidays with their jabs. And the regular 3-million international tourists visiting Victoria each year with their $8.8 billion spend will be lining up at the airports, jab passports and bags packed.

In short, we're at the dawn of a new age of tourism and tourists that are ready to rumble and poised to pay.

And after so long caged by COVID, who wouldn't want to swim alongside wild and free dolphins and seals that roam the unbound seas next to the prehistoric sands of the coast?

As the appointed new management, you're primed to take advantage of this platform for success and eventually dominate in this competitive arena with:

o 14-person purpose-built eco tour RIB boat with low hours twin powerful outboards, all transported on dual-axle trailer
o Uniquely endorsed dolphin and seal tour operator in Victoria
o Quality range of national and international travel and tour distributor contracts in place
o Long-term professional, qualified and reliable guides and crew members on staff
o Multi award-winning accredited tourism operator in Victoria
o Rated #1 activity to do in its location on TripAdvisor
o Hands free order processing via fully integrated live online booking system that processes 80% of all orders
o Optimised website and full suite of social media and customer database accounts
o Accredited business systems and written procedures for easy handover and business continuity; proven business as usual. COVIDSafe certified.

If all of the above is you, write to us and let's discuss possibilities.

Please include in your inquiry a description of your business background, the type and size of business you seek, your ideal timeframe for purchasing, your investment capabilities and your interests in this business opportunity. A confidentiality agreement will be required prior to the release of business information.

AU $390,000    Finance    Insurance
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