Schionning Waterline 1320 Fast Cruising Catamaran

AU $290,000 Reduced Finance
44' 7" - 13.60m
Family, Cruising
Vessel Location
Mandurah WA Insurance
Launch Year
Hull Material
Composite Kevlar and carbon fibre to strengthen certain areas as per design instructions.

This style of yacht hardly ever changes hands. One of Jeff Schionning's best designs.
Surprise has many small modifications and improvements that make her outstanding and she has a timeless beauty.
Surprise was built to be a fast safe Cruising Catamaran. Designed by Jeff Schionning and built at Tabuteau Marine in Fremantle WA.
I look upon Surprise not only as a safe comfortable yacht but also as a moveable beach house. Four bedrooms two bathrooms all with million dollar views. None of the normal house costs like water, no electricity bills, no rubbish removal, no council rates to pay, choose or change your neighbors as required. A great live aboard yacht.
If you get tired of one location just sail away to the next.
Please note that the asking price of $339,000 negotiable reduced to $290000 is within market expectations..


The long slim hulls 14:1 length to breadth fineness ratio are easily driven by power or sail. The wide stance of 7.4 metres ensures excellent stability. 800 mil bridgedeck clearance and rounded chamfer panel prevents slamming. While the shallow draught of under 600 mils lifting rudders 750 mill allows entry into more safe anchorages other yachts of similar dimensions can not use eg crossing reefs or going up rivers etc.
WEIGHT is the enemy of all boats. Extra weight means extra power to move boat at speed. Extra power means bigger heavier motors which use more fuel. So bigger motors cost more to buy, use and maintain and have bigger fuel consumption.
The light loaded weight of 6.5 tonnes helps make Surprise fast. Having dagger boards and kick up rudders also helps make this a very useful yacht. Having speed enables Surprise to sail away from or around bad weather.
When you are buying a yacht ask about the weight. Heavy yachts displace more water. They need deeper or wider hulls to support that weight. . This causes more drag and slows the boat.


ALL sail controls, anchoring etc are in the cockpit, this provides a safe uncluttered deck and cabin top If you have to leave the cockpit hand rails on the cabin top plus clipping on to a safety line ensure that one can not fall off this boat. Fully enclosed and safe cockpit area for children. There are no walk through transoms which are dangerous and unsafe should a wind gust suddenly accelerate the yacht and you fall out of the cockpit. Also they take up rear cabin space and weaken the aft bulkhead. Jeff Schionning the designer has wisely not included them in this popular design.
Throughout Surprise hand holds and rails are found to allow for safe movements.
PLEASE NOTE :- THE PHOTO OF CATAMARAN ON THE ROCKS IS NOT SURPRISE. IT IS A SISTER SHIP AND IS THERE TO ILLUSTRATE THE STRENGTH OF THIS TYPE OF YACHT. This yacht sailed away after 9 hours on the rocks with only scratches. Fortunately the sea was calm.


Surprise has been organised with safety and comfort and ease of handling in mind for everyone on board. The galley has been deliberately faced forward and is in the Saloon. This means that food preparation can be done while maintaining a 360 degree lookout for other boats and navigation obstacles while the autopilot takes care of steering. It all makes for a better social atmosphere. The Saloon connects with the cockpit through double doors and windows.
The cockpit is fully covered overhead with a roof that extends to the sides and rear of the seating. This makes it dry by deflecting rain and spray. The sails can still be seen through a overhead hatch or by looking around the side. The helm has a 360 degree view of all corners.
Surprise has four comfortable queen size bunks located on the four corners of the yacht in there own private cabin with lockable door. Each cabin has a wardrobe and other storage. Each has its own large hatch and a smaller one for ventilation. U shaped lounge in Saloon can easily be converted to a king sized bunk, but can be used as single bunk now.
Two 'bathrooms ' with shower and toilets finish this brief description.
Please contact me for more details. 0418 907 548 or obunney@hotmail. Com

WRAP UP AND COMPARISON REMINDER. This summary is important. Print This part.

Does the yacht you intent to buy have the following :-
Starting at bows and working back.
Flag on bow to indicate wind direction helps when docking. Seats on bow rails for your enjoyment. Two large easily accessible sail lockers. Two spare anchors and chain / rope. Hoses for cleaning or water resup. Various and adequate fenders. Strong fender board for Chaffer style jetties. Special easy docking tool, no need to throw a mooring line over a tiny jetty cleat. Special anchoring bridle.
Four Yamaha 24 litre fuel containers. Folding transport trolley carries 50 litres fuel water or groceries. Safe fuel transport system. Safety rails on cabin top. Safe walk areas all around boat.
Forward facing seat step under mast. Flat cabin top for safe work on sails or elevated viewing.
36 square metre Genoa with sun cover on roller furling controlled from cockpit. 70 m² mainsail raised by 2 to 1 hallyard pulley system controlled from cockpit and electric winch.
Lazy Jacks to control raising and lowering of main sail. Boom crutch to relieve tension on topping lift and lazy jacks. (stops humming of topping lift ). Large hatch over helm position to watch and control sail movement and letting cool air in. Weatherprotecting covers on sails. Burke bosons chair for mast and sail inspection. All spinnaker fittings installed. Radar fittings installed on mast.
All sail controls and anchoring can be done from the safety of the cockpit. All boat handling including navigation, radio and all-round watch are done from the helm position. Five winches one electric makes the sailing work easy. The helm position has 360° views. All parts of the yacht can be seen from here. The cockpit has 270° of padded seating and seats 10 people. A large Veranda roof covers all the cockpit area keeping out sun, rain and wind. Surprise has a shallow hull draft of 500 mils. Surprise has kick up rudders and moveable dagger boards. Bridge deck clearance is 800 mils. After removing the steering wheel the helm position can be laid back to expose the wiring and hydraulics behind it. A special designed wheel puller with five arms has been designed to remove the steering wheel easily. The auto pilot controls direction when the helm is not attended while sailing. Lockers under the cockpit seating contains spare ropes, fuels and oils spare rudder sticks and gas bottles. The saloon has a Galley up facing forward. Utensils are stored in drawers. A unique pantry holds ready use food items. There is a gas cooktop with three burners and oven, 12 volt fridge and freezer. 240 V microwave and toaster. 240 V is controlled by one button. The galley also has a safe gas control system with gas cutout switch at the helm. Two 9 kg gas tanks in own locker supply gas. A twin tub washing machine for large sheets and clothing saves water. Under the saloon seating are stored adequate tools and spare parts. Also a 1100 W remote controlled 240 V inverter. A power dive unit for two people for diving pleasure and hull inspections. 560 amp hour batteries. A big bolt cutter. A Burke bosons chair. Over the saloon door are three groups of switches controlling saloon lighting cockpit lighting and navigation lighting. Surprise has too well equipped bathrooms. Surprise has four cabins with comfortable Queen size bunks, wardrobes and other storage. All stairs have safety rails on Surprise. All electrics have fuses or circuit breakers.
Manuals for all equipment are kept on board. A library contains catamaran handling books, storm safety, navigation regulations and pleasure reading. Surprise has a TV with disc player. Surprise has a 200 L water tank plus a water maker. Surprise has exceptional headroom a 6'5" man was amazed that he could stand upright. One of the toilets and showers In Surprise has a holding tank.
Surprise is virtually unsinkable as throughout the boat there are many separate airspaces built in.
Four cockpit drain holes of 90 mm diameter will allow water to drain from the cockpit in the unlikely event of a pooping. Four electric 'bilge' pumps are on board, Two are portable. The two motors are in their own compartments keeping smells out of the living areas. The motors are removable for maintenance. Motors easily and cheaply serviced every 50 hours. Because of shallow draught for hull cleaning and special bote cote anti fouling Surprise need only be slipped every 10 years saving thousands of dollars.
Finally Surprise is a easily controlled good looking yacht bright and airy, clean and sweet smelling and is a joy to own and use. She is fast safe and easily sailed.


AU $290,000 Reduced    Finance    Insurance
Vessel Name
Launch Year
44' 7" - 13.60m
. 41m
6.5 tonne wet
Keel / Ballast
Dagger boards
Vessel Location
Mandurah Wa
Western Australia
BZ 402
Rego Expiry
Jeff Schionning
Tabuteau Marine
Hull Material
Composite Kevlar and carbon fibre to strengthen certain areas as per design instructions.
Decks Material
High thrust Yamaha 25 horse power outboards mounted inboard
Engine Make
Number Engines
2 x 25hp
Fuel Type
Engine Hours
Engine Hours (2nd Engine)
450 or less
Fuel Consumption
3 litres per hour
Max Speed
9 knots with motors. Has done 19 knots sailing.
Cruise Speed
10 to 12 knots sailing
Motor or sail
1100 watt inverter. 520 Watts solar panels
260 litres
200 litre
2.7 m Inflateable and 3m plastic Finn
5 hp Yamaha and 55 lb thrust 12 volt electric outboards
Outside window removable 80% sun stopper clip on blinds on Saloon windows provides heat control and privacy.
Halsey Lidgard sail covers and lazy jacks.
Large Saloon with galley up on bridgedeck. U shaped seating around table. Seat can be used as berth. Table seats 8. Table has built in small gutter to stop spillage onto lap.
1 master cabin with on suite toilet, shower and basin.
3 other cabins, share a bathroom
Cabins have Queen size bunks
All with storage and cabin doors.
Huge amount of storage space
All with lock doors
4 Queen size. Very comfortable.
Yes two
Two, one in each hull in bathroom/ toilet. On board separate holding tanks for black and gray water.
TV built in recorder and disc player.
Small evaporative portable cooler.
Galley up on bridgedeck. 3 burner gas cooktop. Gas oven with grill. Stainless sink. All utensils in various sized drawers. Utensil stored in drawers, no bending on knees. Small washing machine.
Microwave, Electric toaster. Push button 240 volt AC. Gas controls with safety switches. Pressure fresh water from tap.
190 litre fridge freezer. 12 volt
Very large 12 volt.
Yes 3 burner, grill / oven
Spectra water maker 24 litres per hour. Never used.
Hot Water
Yes, Water flexible pipes, gas and electrics installed. HWS still in box. Unused.
Ground Tackle
25 kg Sarca anchor 63 m 10 mil zinc coated chain 100 m nylon rope.
30 kg sand anchor 40 m 10 mil zinc coated chains 60 m nylon rope.
15 kg Sarca kedge anchor zinc coated chain various rope.
Muir Electric anchor winch operated from cockpit.
Safety Gear
Cabin top hand rails for side deck. Safety lines and stanchions. Safety rails on internal steps. Hand holds in Saloon. Hand holds on bunks.
Bilge Pumps
4. Two are portable.
Life Raft
Two dinghies
Life Jackets
3 automatic with harness. 16 ordinary PFD, some children types.
Yes plus old ones
Fire Protection
3 fire extinguishers. Fire blanked. Emergency remote switch gas shut off away from galley at helm.
Electric anchor winch, electric halyard winch, solar panels and regulator, Remco house battery, can be charged three ways, 240 v smart battery charger. , solar, from Yamaha motors. Motor batteries can be charged same way. 1100 watt 240 v inverter with remote control, 240 v microwave and toaster, 300 watt 240 v inverter for helm.
Electronics / Navigation
Ray marine instruments, TMQ Autopilot, Standard Horizon VHF radio with AIS and GPS,
Sail Inventory
Main 70 sq m. 3 reef points.. Fully battened. On lazy jacks. Sail bag
Jib 35 sq m on roller furler. With sun protector.
All Fittings for spinnaker installed plus furler and hallyard.
Mast / Rigging
Aluminium mast, two spreaders. Stainless steel 19 mil stays. Carbon fibre chain plates. Fittings for RADAR built ready. Three halyards and topping lift lead back to cockpit. Boom crutch.
Deck Gear
5 winches. Two jib/ dagger board winches. Traveller winch. Main sheet winch. Halyards electric winch.
Various clutches. Furler has choice of winch.
Many spare parts and extra ropes, fuel and oils etc.
All controls lead back to the cockpit. 3 reefs in mainsail. Hydraulic steering.
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