Finot Open 40

US $99,000 Now reduced Finance
40' 0" - 12.20m
Vessel Location
Grenada W. I Insurance
Hull Material
Carbon Fibre

Designer: Groupe Finot
Design: Open 40
Builder: JMV Industries, France
Commissioned: V1 D2, France
www. Anasazi-ltda. Com
Length 12.2m
Beam 4.1m
Draft 3.25m
Displacement 3.5t
Flag: USA
Lying: Grenada
Refit and Commissioning:
2005 Maine Yacht Center, Portland, ME USA
2006 Capetown
2007 Fremantle
2008 Capetown
2011 Maine Yacht
2011 Lorient
2 016 Chile
2017 Grenada


Pod Command Station (PCS)
Pod seat combination single berth
Galley located forward of PCS
2 quarter berths
Hanging locker (heated)
PCS designated laptop docking station
PCS misc storage
Hella fans on Pod
#1 crash bulkhead with hatch and inspection port
#2 crash bulkhead with watertight door
#3 crash bulkhead with watertight door
#4 crash bulkhead (aft)with watertight door

Single burner origo alcohol stove gimbaled
Manual fresh cold water

The boat has been designed primarily for short-handed offshore competitions, or very fast cruising. It is an exceptional yacht, in terms of performance, quality and reliability. Therefore, every part of its building shall endeavor to save weight as much as possible - while keeping the costs at a reasonable level - yet retaining the necessary strength characteristics of a boat cruising far offshore with large loads due to sea or slamming, hence far within the requirements of Category A of the 94/25 EU RCD, .
The boat is almost entirely made using carbon composites. It is fitted with an ~1600 kg water ballast on each side, which will provide large upwind stability when needed, and will also contribute to make the boat self-righting in the event of an inversion after having been rolled by a large breaking wave.

Self-righting ability : The angle of vanishing stability in IMOCA conditions is larger than 125°
Unsinkability : 7 independent compartments : aft compartment, main cabin, front cabin, front compartment, two water ballasts. When one compartment is flooded, the boat sinks about 27 cm, when 2 adjoining compartments are flooded, the boat waterline shall be located at mid freeboard.

The hull
Solid T700S carbon fiber hull oven-cured at 120°C, Hexcel M10 prepreg thickness from 3.5 to 13 mm T700S prepreg longitudinal stringers
T700S frames
Carbon/Nomex sandwich bulkhead, thickness 20 mm 48 kg / m3,(prepeg skins)
Vacuum is made as the layers are placed to eliminate the air and to ensure a good cohesion of the laminate.
Several cooking stages will be realized to obtain the best possible result.
These various elements are built and assembled in a female mould.
The deck
Nomex sandwich on a large area (forward deck, top of roof, cockpit... )
Skins made of T700S prepreg, 20mm Nomex core, 48 kg/m3
Solid areas under some deck fittings, joints...

Monocoque Carbon Hull. 11mm to 6mm
Carbon fibre Nomex composite deck, bulkheads and cabin top.
Carbon fibre fin Keel. (autoclave)
Carbon fibre rudders with JP3 bearings rebuilt with 4400nm on them
Carbon fiber boom
Carbon fibre bow sprit,
Carbon fibre tillers

Water ballast: 1700ltrs in 4 tanks 2 per side, fore and aft
3 GM 30HP Yanmar diesel with sail drive
Gori 2 blade folding prop
Fuel Tanks. 24 gal Vetus plastic plus 2 x10gal bladders with fuel transfer pump
Katadyn Water maker. 1 gallon per hour
Espar heater with hose to nav station and hanging locker

Batteries. 5 AGM flat mat 105amp each. 4 in one bank 1 in the other
100 amp Balmar Alt with spare alt
Smart charging system
Lopolite LED interior lighting red/white
Lopolite Nav lights on deck
Lopolite Tri-color on the mast head

2 x IBM laptop computers
Max Sea software/Expedition software
Iridium Phone
UUPlus software for e. Mail and grib files
Inmarsat C
Vetus barograph
Flat screen display
Wireless key board
Wireless track ball mouse
Docking station for computers
2 Autohelm 6000 series Gyro linear drive auto pilots
Port and starboard separate systems. 4 control heads (2 in cockpit and 2 at nav station)
NKE wind, speed, depth, compass
2x TL25 cockpit displays {6 windows] one analogue for wind and one 2 window display on nav station. One controller in cockpit
Wireless remote control for auto pilot
Hardwire remote control for auto pilot
VHF fixed mount. + 2 hand held units
Koden GPS fixed mount
Koden LCD color radar
Sea-Me Radar amplifier with visual and audio alarm
External alarms for Radar and Sea -Me
C- map and Map Media Charts for circumnavigation

Safety equip
Winslow 4 man life raft
2x406 GPS Epirbs
Hand pump desalinater

Fortress anchor. Chain and rode
Carbon bulkhead mount for anchor


15.3 m alloy rotating wing mast
Antal track and cars with fiber oversized
25 ft boom. Carbon with 4 reef lines
Spectra Lazy Jacks
Standing rigging 2016 ss 1x19
J1 14 T Kevlar anti-torsion cable with Facnor continuous line structural furler
Code Furler Facnor. 2 to 1 tack line.
Baby stay. Ss 1x 19
Running rigging
All spectra : 1000 meters. Custom Jacket vectran polyester mix. From Southern Ropes
2 Harken 46 self tailing racing winches
4 Harken 48 self tailing racing winches
Blocks Harken Black Magic and Equiplite
28 rope clutches
48 lines run aft
Rope bags in cockpit
Rope bags mounted on cabin bulkhead

SAILS 2005 or newer
Main: Carbon Twaron 3 reefs 98 sq. Square top
C-Tech New Zealand carbon battens, 2 sets- heavy and light.
Reefing lines. 8mm spectra with covers for chafe
2 spectra stops for luff reef tack points.
3 positions available for boom height adjustment.
4 spectra strops fo leech reef points
Asym Spin. Stephane Fauve design. NorthSails Auckland. 75 oz
Code 0
Code 5
Jib top
J1 Spectra
J2 Spectra
J3 Dacron orange

Misc. Equipment
Custom cradle lying South Africa

US $99,000 Now reduced    Finance    Insurance
40' 0" - 12.20m
Vessel Location
Grenada W. I
North America and Caribbean
Hull Material
Carbon Fibre

James Burwick
City / Suburb

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