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Boat Review Date: 13 October 2023
Author: Dans Boat Life


If you have a large CENTER CONSOLE boat and want SPEED, LUXURY & STYLE with WEATHER PROTECTION and ACCOMODATION then this Back Cove 390 could be the boat for you. Made in the USA up in Maine this Down East style boat will give you this classic looks but she'll also provide you with the high cruising speeds that you are already use to with your previous boat. When I first saw the drawings of this model I didn't understand why Back Cove who are known for their inboard diesel shaft drive boats was doing this but now I totally understand the reasons. If you are use to high cruising speeds then why would you want to slow down for shaft drive boats? This solution with the V12's looks amazing but also functions incredibly well for so many reasons. This is American Manufacturing at it's best and generations of boating knowledge thats going into a very cool yet practical boat that will last for generations if thats what you want. This is the kind of boat that if you wanted to keep it and hand it down to your grandkids you could do that. If you're looking for high speed and to expand your area of operations on your weekends then this is a boat that will do that for you.

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About the Author: Dan Jones is a retired boat salesman of 20 years who is creating real world independent boat tests for his YouTube Channel, Dans Boat Life. He has personally sold and delivered over 450 power and sailing boats and has 30 years’ experience with yacht racing, cruising sailing and power boats of all types. Dan has trained hundreds of owners on the operation of their new boats and is a specialist in coaching new boat owners on how to confidently park their boat in a marina berth.