Coraline 460 Runabout Boat Reviews

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Boat Review Date: August 2018
Author: Mike Brown


The Coraline 460 runabout rig is dearer than it was a year or so ago, but this has nothing to do with the hull price. As standard it was offered with a 40hp two-stroke that is no longer available, so a 60hp four-stroke is fitted instead. The extra weight required trailer brakes, obviously at a cost. The buyer for this example wanted an aluminium rather than steel trailer, which added dollars as well. Without prices increasing for any component of the rig the all up price is now $8,000 more than the original. But the buyer is still happy with his purchase, and for good reasons.

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The Coraline 460 runabout is an unashamed no-frills workhorse. What the buyer is getting for his money is probably the only boat he will need in a lifetime. The 460 should certainly last that long, even used most days. It was put together more with ship building methods than those of the typical trailer boat. Below the deck is a complex of stiffening aluminium, the air spaces filled with high grade, fire retardant, non corroding foam. The bottom is 4mm plate, well able to take a battering and a life of being dragged up the beach.

It is clearly primarily a fishing boat – as most boats are of course – but has not a single fitting aimed at the angler. If you want rod holders they are readily available and easy to fit. For the rest, portables will do the job; other than the fish finder of course. If you feel the need there is plenty of room on the dash to fit one. Something else that is missing is paint, and that should not be a matter for regret for anyone who bought a work horse.

A naked boat means no paint lost from an awkward coming alongside, but bent bow rails remain a possibility. Not here though: Coralines fit their bow rails within the footprint of the rubbing strake. Another of the common characteristics of Coralines is the strength of the windscreen frames. These can have a big load applied to them by a pair of standing people in rougher seas, but the 460’s massive structure will easily cope.

Driver and co-pilot are well catered for when sitting. The swivel seats mounted on cave lockers strike a good balance between comfort and resilience and are matched by well positioned hand holds and footrest. The latter doubles as a pound board, retaining stuff stowed under the fore deck.

4.6 metres is not a large boat, but this Coraline has enough stability to look and feel like one. This was demonstrated to me before I even went aboard. The person ahead of me, an average sized human being, boarded by simply stepping onto the side deck. The boat barely twitched despite there being no other load aboard to help balance things. This was not achieved by a clunky rough riding hull; later on the ocean the 460 demonstrated  thorough sea kindliness.

The 460 was probably a capable performer with its 40 two-stroke horsepower; it was a stormalong with 60. I am old enough to still feel a burst of joy at turning the key and having the motor start first kick – no nostalgia at all for a lengthy two-stroke past. Our Yamaha had non-feedback steering, further endearing it to me.

Most boats of this size are in pressed aluminium with plywood, non self-draining decks. The Coraline disguises its deck with carpet, but it is aluminium and self-draining. The deck area is large and clear of obstructions. Aft, flanking the full height splash well, are simple carpet covered seats with storage below. Low rails on the adjacent side decks give hand holds to their occupants.

The usual hardware is present but heavier duty than most, from the substantial bowsprit to the cruciform bollards rather than cleats. The boarding platform and ladder follow the same indestructible theme.

Having a near zero maintenance requirement is an encouragement to use a boat to its maximum. This is such a boat.


Price as reviewed    $34,762

Length overall          4.9m

Hull length               4.6m

Beam                       2.15m

Fuel capacity            100L

Motor fitted              Yamaha 60hp four-stroke