Tournament 2250 Walk Around Boat Reviews

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Boat Review Date: November 2009
Author: Mike Brown


Tournament boats are the successors to the trailable Mustangs, most of them using the original moulds. Mustangs made themselves a lot of friends and that amiability has carried over to the Tournaments, one of the most popular being the 2250 Walk Around.

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With a hull length of 6.9m and a beam of 2.5 the 2250 has the size to carry the walk around layout successfully – meaning the cabin has a useful volume, the side decks are walkable without sidling, and fishing is possible around the whole perimeter. Getting forward does need a couple of shallow steps up from the cockpit, but there is no struggle involved. Some boats are called walk arounds when they simply have side decks wide enough for a foothold, but this is the real McCoy. Pedestrians have bulwarks capped with guardrails to protect them.

The rails do not meet at the bow; there is a gap wide enough to step through if nosing up to a jetty, and the rails are beefy enough for the job. In a thoughtful touch a socket for a reef anchor is secured to these rails.

The cabin is wide enough for its rearward side extensions to contain two sumptuous bucket seats with room between them for access to the cabin door. The seats are on pedestals, mounted in turn on locker boxes. The rearward extensions of the boxes form jump seats and make the first steps up to the side decks.

A massively strong folding frame carries a Bimini that has a neat slide-out extension adding up to shade for over half the cockpit. A standing driver’s eye line is well above the curved windscreen, and the clears have a big zip-out panel to aid vision. When he or she sits, vision is through the middle of the screen with no interference from framework.

There are also quarter seats, and another on the cabin top ahead of the clear fore hatch. There would probably be competition for that last seat when the rods come out.

Although walk arounds of some size, like this one, can be very good all-rounders, they are mostly bought by fishermen who want a touch of civilisation. Tournament knows this and the 2250 is well geared to suit them with above all, of course, unrestricted all-round access to the water. Although the deck is self draining coamings are reassuringly high, and around the cockpit are padded.

Under deck are two 85L compartments that can be catch tanks or used simply for storage; similarly, the 60L bait tank is big enough for general storage. Other fishing provisions include a drop-in bait table, deck wash, and rod holders above the Bimini and in the coaming.

The driver is better provided for than average. Vision is good, the seat comfortable, and controls fall well to hand. The dash has space for a large electronic display with, above it, triple Yamaha digital gauges.

The Yamaha installed was a 200 four-stroke, near the top end of recommended. It was pushing a 1350kg hull so was barely working at speeds up to 25 knots, which is a likely cruising speed. It changed character with the throttle pushed open; with a healthy snarl but no great noise it reached 40-odd knots almost instantaneously.

The waters off Bunbury were in a gentle mood and did not provide much of a test of ride. We did our best with flat out wake crossings, and for good measure generally threw the Tournament around. We had a lot of fun and found a quiet hull that absorbed all we inflicted on it. It is a shapely hull with an 18deg deadrise that promises softness under way. At rest it was a good performer: three sizeable men at one side produced an insignificant list.

As already suggested centre consoles can be good family boats. Kids love the freedom to wander around and especially to sit up front under the driver’s eye. The 250’s cabin is surprisingly large, with long bunks and space for a toilet, storage, and the security of a lock-up door. The youngsters would love overnighting in here whilst the adults have room for beds in the cockpit.


Price from               $93,500

Length overall          7.35m

Hull length               6.87m

Beam                       2.5m

Deadrise                  18deg

Fuel capacity            300L

Hull weight               1,350kg

Trailing weight          2480kg

Maximum power       250hp

Motor fitted              200 Yamaha 4-stroke