NEW 12m VIP transit and SAR Boat

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39' 4" - 12.00m
Vessel Location
Ex Shipyard, China
Model Year
Hull Material

Initially designed as VIP transit and SAR boat, this K-TOUGH Hull based boat is also perfect for patrol/interception/fire rescue/pilot transit/security/escort//command/VBSS/ quick response/surveillance and any other types of military/paramilitary/professional operations that need to deal with rough open seas and hostile environments.

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Boat Reference
Model Year
39' 4" - 12.00m
4m (13ft)m
0.75m (2ft 5in)m
Vessel Location
Ex Shipyard, China
Hull Material
Main Engine: 2 x Yanmar 6LY 440@3300RPM inboard diesel engines. Transmission: Not applicable, as water jets are directly connected to the main engines. CRUISING RANGE: No less than 200 knots at cruising speed
Engine Make
Number Engines
Fuel Type
Max Speed
34 knots
2 x Hamilton HJX 27 waterjet
For wheelhouse:
2 x shock-mitigating seats for captain and crew;
2 x I-shaped sofa for six persons together with locker under for storage of safety gears;
1 x boat console station on the front portside as shown in the GA drawings;
1 x navigator/radio console station on the front starboard as shown in the GA drawings;
1 x small kitchen workplatform with water basin
1 x folding stretcher with integral platform stowed overhead.

For forward hull cabin:
1 x sliding door to access from CL of wheelhouse
1 x water basin;
1 x watertight hatch access as means of escape to the forward weather deck.

Complement: 6 persons
1 x medical fridge;
Safety Gear
2 x Life Ring Buoy with Distress Marker Light
2 x Portable VHF Radio (See also in "Navigation and Communication Equipment")
1 x EPIRB, operating at 121.5 and 406 MHz (See also in "Navigation and Communication Equipment")
2 x 5 kg portable extinguisher, strategically fitted in the wheelhouse and in the engine room.
1 x Automatic/manually activated engine room fire suppression system for engine room.
6 x SOLAS Adult type life jacket;
Electronics / Navigation
1xRadar will be supplied and fitted for each of our proposed boats with details as follows:Module radar aerial, Technology Numerical CHIRP + Effet Doppler, Puissance 4w, Portée 35 à 40mn, Type Radôme, Taille, 20 à 25 pouces (50-65 cm)
1xChart plotter,
1xGPS + Echosounder
1x Motorola DM 4401 (or similar)
1xSailor 6215
1 x Jabsco 12V DC Strong movable/rotating type marine search light with a minimum of 100m coverage and controlled from wheelhouse console station;
1 x Loud Hailer/Siren/ Intercom System, compatible with Police Light System
The targeted operating missions:
Initially designed as VIP transit and SAR boat, this K-TOUGH Hull based boat is also perfect for patrol/interception/fire rescue/pilot transit/security/escort//command/VBSS/quick response/surveillance and any other types of military/paramilitary/professional operations that need to deal with rough open seas and hostile environments.

The real-life validated, truly world-changing capabilities from DNA:
Built on our exclusively innovated K-TOUGH Hull Architecture Platform, this small enough, only commonly equipped boat is enabled from the very DNA with capabilities to revolutionize your tough mission safety, performance and cost savings by allowing you to get at least five times of far better rough open sea handling safety, performance, stability, comfort, control, dryness, coxswain's visibility and damaged survivability than found with any far larger, far more expensively equipped boat from any of today's so-called top reputed US/EU/UK/Australian companies even when the comparable boat is already more than five times of higher cost and already installed with very expensive ride controls, gyro stabilizers, etc. This means that, you can expect a K-TOUGH Hull based boat only around 10m with only twin outboard motors to effortlessly beat any patrol/interception/SAR/pilot transit/command/VBSS/quick response/surveillance of more than 20m from any other company in all aspects of sea handling qualities and capabilities with hands-down (We have achieved this capabilities target five years ago from real-life comparison tests in 3-4m waves even only based on our first generation of K-TOUGH Hull platform which made end users to have quickly put aside their existing boats delivered from the very top reputed US/EU/UK companies once having our boats on hand, only use and keep over-using our boats which is a difficult-to-believe phenomenon that it even astonished the prime minister, while this unique Hull Platform now has evolved into its third generation which can create even far better capabilities).

The Design:
Dedicated for tough military/paramilitary/professional missions in rough open seas and hostile environments, the boat features a truly high volume hull with high freeboard throughout whole hull length for platform dependability which is combined with best functionalities layout, deck working/berthing/boarding safety and simplicity with all systems interfaces to be strategically located and easily reached, just as shown in the GA drawings.

The Engineering:
The boat is engineered for many years of over-use in heavy seas with heavy-duty construction from structures to the fittings and the installations.

Hull length: 10.8m
Depth Moulded: 1.85m
Height Overall:3.2m(from keel to roof)
Lightship Displacement: Approx. 8t
Full-load displacement: Approx. 9.5t

To be of high quality commercial fitout with hard-wearing finish.
The interior fitout panels are preliminarily to be FORMICA fireproof panels or similar with dark gray color throughout (or subject to user preference).
The control station is designed to be of light color or dark gray.

The wheelhouse is designed to be naturally ventilated via low profile ventilators and two sliding windows on the front of each side.

Rear deck:
Two MOB platforms together with grab railing located portside and starboard of outboard motors installation well to allow survivors to be easily retrieved and safely rescued;

Aft deck:
Designed as working deck with the parameter of the deck well protected by raised deck bulwarks and heavy-duty grab railing; The aft deck is designed to be separated from the rear deck by a laterally constructed deck coaming with two over-sized deck draining ports to go through the bottom of the deck coaming to allow deck water to be quickly discharged overboard;

Side decks:
Designed as passageway to allow 360 degrees of walk around the wheelhouse and also to allow berthing and boarding to other ship directly from the shoulders; Overhead grab railing will be added on the external top side of the wheelhouse for side berthing and boarding safety.

Fore Deck:
Designed as working deck with direct access from the CL to the bow boarding station; safety boarding rail will be provided on the sides of the bow boarding station;

1 x 16kg HHP stainless steel anchor, designed to be manual operated and placed inboard of the hull in its dedicated anchor locker in order to secure a free forward working deck and avoid the hanging anchor from rocking to the forward hull section by heavy seas;
4 x Double bitt bollards constructed from aluminium and above watertight bulkheads which will be integral also for the functionality of fairleads and lifting lugs;
1 x window wiper for each of the three fore windows which is supplied with water spraying functioning fed from the fresh water tank for wet wip

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