NEW 7000T LCT Deck Barge

US $4,300,000
333' 10" - 101.75m
Vessel Location
Model Year
Hull Material

This ship is a deck cargo ship, suitable for carrying steel, block stones, engineering equipment, engineering vehicles, containers, sand, rocks, coal mines and many more. The ship is made of steel, continuous single deck, double bottom, inclined stem, welded steel plate It has a bilge keel, which is transmitted by two marine diesel engines through a gearbox to drive two fixed-pitch propellers to propulsion type ship. There are three deckhouses on the raised aft deck.

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US $4,300,000   
Boat Reference
Model Year
333' 10" - 101.75m
21.80m (71ft 6in)
4.09m (13ft 5in)
Vessel Location
Hull Material
Model and Quantity: 6210ZLC-12 two Rated Power: 1350hp x 2 units Gearbox: JD1700 Reduction Ratio: 5.50:1 Diesel Model: DHP10D2251FR2 Output Power and Speed: 60.5kW×1500r/min Rated Power: 50kW Speed: 11 knots
Engine Make
Number Engines
CCFJ50J-Y32Group Generator Model: T2X50S2-4-H
Crew Members: 11 people
Cabin shed
Third room
Third round room
Crew room

Living Deck
Crew rooms
Chief officer room
Second engineer room

Pilot Deck
Equipped with toilets
Chart reporting area
Captain's room
Chief engineer's room

Upper Deck
128 first with 2 sail cable cabin
Safety Gear
Lifesaving Equipment
Fire Equipment: Full ship equipment9LPortable Foam Fire Extinguisher7only, spare7Only, Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher5kgof11only, spare11Only. Inside the cabin45LTrolley Foam Fire Extinguisher1indivual.
Firefighter Outfit: 2 sets
CO2fire extinguishing system
Emergency escape breathing apparatus (EEBD)
Life Raft
12 people
Life Jackets
The ship adopts end-twisting cylinder type hydraulic steering gear1tower. Type: Swing cylinder type; Nominal torque:63kN-m; rudder angle:±35o;
Electronics / Navigation
Radar Mast
Radar mast with welded steel structure on compass deck1It is equipped with a radar antenna, lights, whistle and other necessary navigation. Conducting signal equipment and lightning rods and other facilities.

Foremast1Seat, welded steel plate structure, on which are provided fore mast lights and front anchor lights.

Models, flags and sound signaling devices
In addition to the lights and flashing lights, the signal equipment is also equipped with models (such as anchor balls), flags (sign flags, hand flags), International signal flags and Chinese national chess), sound signal equipment (large clocks, large flutes). For details of the layout of the signal equipment of this ship, please refer to the "Layout Plan of Sound and Light Signal Equipment" (WUT4696D-240-01). The main navigation equipment of the ship includes a radar, a standard magnetic compass, and a satellite navigator GPS, a set of depth sounders. A searchlight, a steering magnetic compass, an automatic identification system AIS, a set of rudder angle indicator, a set of fog whistle, two sets of rotating windows. Two sets of stern shaft tachometer and one sounding hammer.
Class Society: China Classification Society
Total Long L: 93.56m
Design Waterline Length (LWL): 90.34m
Length Between Vertical Lines (LPP): 88.88m
Type Deep (D): 5.39m
Upper deck to aft raised deck: 1.10m
Transom raised deck to living deck: 2.60m
Living Deck to Driving Deck: 2.40m
Flying Deck to Compass Deck: 2.40m
Upper deck to forecastle deck: 2m
Upper Deck Sheer
Bow Sheer: 0.30m
Stern Sheer: 0.25m
Beam Arch
Whole Ship: 0.10m
Double Bottom and Single Bottom Height
Single layer bottom height
Cabin Area: 1.05m

Double Bottom Height
Cargo Area: 1.10m

Capacity and Tonnage
Cabin Capacity
Stern ballast tank: 2*26.92m3
No. 1side ballast tank: 2*245.31m3
No. 2side ballast tank: 2*379.53m3
No. 3side ballast tank: 2*396.25m3
No. 4side ballast tank: 2*396.25m3
No. 5side ballast tank: 2*340.88m3
No. 1 Bottom ballast tank: 2*99.79m3
No. 2 Bottom ballast tank: 2*169.58m3
No. 3 Bottom ballast tank: 2*177.51m3
No. 4 Bottom ballast tank: 2*177.51m3
No. 5 Bottom ballast tank: 2*177.09m3
Daily oil tank (left and right): 2*4.06m3
Diesel tank (left and right): 2*31.29m3
Lubricating Oil Storage Cabinet: 1.44m3
Dirty oil tank: 0.48m3
Fresh water tank: 2*33.62m3
Stern shaft cooling water tank: 2*8.51m3
Sea water tank: 1.00 m3
Residual oil tank: 0.63m3
Domestic sewage storage cabinet: 4.64 m3
Fresh water tank: 1.00 m3
Gross Tonnage GT: 2977
Net Tonnage NT: 1667

Own ship's actual summer freeboard FX=5406-4090=1316mm>1308.92mmMeet the Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of China (CHINA MSA)Statutory Survey of Ships and Offshore Installations (Technical Rules for Statutory Survey of Sea going Vessels in Domestic Voyages) (2020)No. 3 articles to domestic coastal shipping area B minimum freeboard requirements for ships of

Load Capacity And Cargo Capacity
The density of the ship in seawater is1.025t/m3case, the design draft (4.09m), the displacement is7034.3t, the load capacity is about 5325.4t, The corresponding cargo capacity is approx. 5169.6t;The maximum full load state is expected to be 7000?? When the vehicle ramp is closed, it should be close to the first sealing plate and keep it weathertight. Two sets of fastening, locking and supporting devices are provided for the gangway of the ship's vehicle. When sailing, the ramp is to be lifted and locked with the deckhouse on each side, and corresponding sound and light alarm facilities are to be provided in the bridge.

Trim and Stability
The trim and intact stability of the ship under various loading conditions meet the requirements of the Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of China (CHINA MSA) "Ship and Sea Regulations for Statutory Surveys of Facilities (Technical Regulations for Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Vessels in Domestic Voyages) (2020)Notification of the current amendments4chapter7chapter to edge Requirements for bulk dry cargo ships in the sea navigation area.
Thruster: The propeller of this ship adopts fixed pitch propeller
Paddle type and number of blades: MAUtype4leaf

The lower decks such as bollards and fairlead rollers are partially reinforced.
For details of the ship's anchoring and mooring equipment layout, please refer to "Mooring Equipment Layout Plan" (WUT4696D-210-01) and "Mooring
layout plan" (WUT4696D-220-01).

Aggregate Spacing
Rib Spacing
Tail: 19
Head: 130

General Arrangement Overview
The whole ship is set up5Watertight transverse bulkheads, respectively located at #2,#5,#19,#112,#130rib position. Set the steering gear compartment and tail pressure in turn Water tank (left and right), fresh water tank (left and right), cooling water tank (left and right), engine room, diesel tank (left and right), NO. 5Bottom ballast tank (left right), NO. 5Side ballast tank (left and right), empty tank (middle), NO. 4Bottom ballast tanks (left and right), NO. 4Side ballast tanks (left and right), NO. 3Bottom ballast tanks (left and right), NO. 3Side ballast tanks (left and right), NO. 2Bottom ballast tanks (left and right), NO. 2side ballast water Cabin (left and right), empty cabin (left and right), NO. 1Bottom ballast tank (left and right), emergency fire pump (middle), NO. 1Side ballast tank (left Right) and the forepeak tank, with a sewage well, seabed valve box and echo sounder tank in the middle. There are three deckhouses above the raised aft deck. There is an enclosed main stairway between the boards, and an outdoor inclined ladder is provided for access.

Mooring Equipment
Anchor chain
Tail Anchor
Mooring Line
Mooring accessories

Rudder Equipment
Rudder Speed: 28s
Rudder Blade
Number of rudder blades: 2indivual
Single udder area: 4.93m2
Aspect ratio ?: 1.706
Balance ratio ?: 0.235

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