NEW Five AB&E Centurion 46 Fast Ferry

39' 4" - 12.00m
Vessel Location
Ex factory, Singapore
Model Year
Hull Material

The Centurion 46 Fast Ferry is a sleek and beautifully designed boat for carrying 12pax with 2 crew in a spacious and comfortable environment. It is capable of running at a top speed of 30 knots with twin 281hp ISUZU Marine diesel inboard engines or sterndrives. All round windows and wind shield allows clear 360 view for the captain which will allow safe handling of the boat. The boat is also built with our foam filled double hull construction to ensure maximum safety in the event that the hull is damaged.

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Vessel Name
Built to Order
Boat Reference
Model Year
39' 4" - 12.00m
3.35m (11ft)m
Vessel Location
Ex Factory, Singapore
Hull Material
Twin 281HP Isuzu Marine Inboard Engine Marine Transmission: Inboard Marine Gear Engines 1) The engines shall be twin ISUZU 281hp@2700rpm Marine diesel (UM6BG1TCX) with inboard marine gear box. Each engine fuel consumption is estimated to be approx 60 litres per hour at continuous rating speed of. 2) All instruments are as standard scope of supply from ISUZU Japan. 3) There shall be two sets of stainless steel shafts coupled via a flexible coupling 4) 2 sets of propeller made from top quality Nickel bronze material shall be provided. These shall be suitably sized for commercial duty applications. Nickel bronze propellers are stronger and resist corrosion better than conventional bronze propellers. Engine Room 1) Each Engine room shall be fitted with opening top aluminium covers 2) 2 nos 24 volts 1500GPH bilge pumps with auto-float switch shall be fitted 3) All exhaust pipings and fittings shall be in accordance to factory recommendation If a wet silencer system is required (or where possible), there shall be an additional cost which will be quoted to the buyer upon request. 4) Engine room ventilation shall be provided with forced air intake 5) Two units of external diesel fuel-water separator shall be fitted 6) Sufficient length of fuel lines shall be installed with brass fittings as required 7) There shall be 4 pcs of engine starting batteries (MF115 Aurora or equivalent) with twin selector on/off switches.
Engine Make
Max Speed
Approx. 30 knots
1x 1000 litres aluminium fuel tank
Passenger Capacity: 1 crew + 12 pax

Generator and Air-conditioning
One unit of 24VDC Direct Drive Airconditioning System (without Genset) is to be installed with 2 nos. Aircon blower inside the main wheelhouse. The aircon blower unit shall be positioned at the front of the cabin area, starboard side
Safety Gear
There shall be one complete set of safety equipment supplied as follows to meet MPA
registration requirement:
- 13 life vests USCG approved
- 4 pcs of life buoy
- 6 pcs of handflares
- 2 pcs of 1.5kg BCF fire extinguishers
- 1 sandbox with scoop
- Danforth anchor with 200ft rope
Electronics / Navigation
1) There shall be one unit of depth sounder fitted (Garmin BW Digital model or equivalent) mounted
at the dashboard.
2) One unit remote control spotlight shall be mounted on the forward bow rail.
Hull Material Grade: Marine Alloy 5083H321
Hull Bottom Thickness: 8mm or as advised by Naval Architect
Hull Side Thickness: 6mm or as advised by Naval Architect

General Specification
1) The Aluminium hull construction shall be of a high speed planing hull design for local habour water operations
2) Deck Hardware : All required rope tying cleats and bollards shall be of aluminium fabricated and welded to hull. There shall be 3 sets of bollards welded to the upper deck.
3) The wheelhouse is to be fabricated from 3mm aluminium alloy and is to be double layer for hull sides and double layer with foam heat insulation. This will ensure that the cabin area is cooler for max airconditioning efficiency.
4) One complete set of navigation lights - forward and stern white lights, portside and starboard side lights (Aqua Signal 35 or equivalent) will be fitted on light mast in accordance to maritime port authority (MPA) requirements. All switches shall be located at the Captain's console. An electric horn is also fitted.
5) The complete hull shall be finished with thick coat of acid primer followed by thick coats of white marine polyurethane paint finish. The paint system used shall be JOTUN. If INTERNATIONAL paint is required, the additional cost will be quoted separately.
6) The construction of the hull will also consist of a walk-around along portside and starboard side (Max Width:350mm) and constructed using 3mm thick aluminium alloy plates for passengers to walk to the front of the boat.
7) One unit of aluminium alloy fuel tank underfloor (approx 1000 litres) will be constructed and pressure tested. There shall also be a drain plug at the tank bottom to allow the drainage of water trapped inside the tank.
8) 2 sets of fuel cut-off valve is to be installed at cockpit deck level as emergency shut off in accordance to MPA requirements in the event of fire on board
9) The gunwhale shall be constructed from heavy duty aluminium profile fully welded to hull side plates.
10) There shall be 6" D rubber fendering system all round gunwhale for protection to the boat.
11) There shall also be two length of aluminium alloy grab rails (1 1/4" Diameter) on top of the
wheelhouse for passengers who are boarding or disembarking.
12) There shall be two sets of aluminium alloy boarding rails (1 1/4" diameter) welded at the transom on both portside and starboard side as indicated on the sketch.
13) There shall be one forward aluminium alloy bow rails (1 1/4" diameter)
14) All external cockpit floor areas shall be constructed with aluminium alloy plates and painted with non-skid grey polyurethane paint.

Wheelhouse Area
1) There shall be 6 sets of double seater ferry of high density foam type seatings with high back
rest for 12 passengers for passenger comfort in rough waters. There shall also be one (1) seat for the boat operator. The centre aisle walkway between the two rows of seatings is approx 450mm.
2) The wheelhouse floor shall be constructed from aluminium alloy plate and painted with non- slip grey polyurethane coating.
3) There shall be 1 set of 2ft long 240V Fluorescent light mounted at the centre of the wheelhouse.
4) The steering system shall be of standard manual hydraulic steering system
5) There shall be one set of 6 way gang switch at driver's console
6) The steering wheel shall be of stainless steel destroyer style
7) There shall be 2 sets of windscreen motor with pendulum arm type wiper. If buyer decides to have circular type "Clearview" motor, FIVEAB shall offer this as separate quotation. Please note also that the thickness of windshield shall also be required to be changed to 10mm thick at an additional cost to be quoted.
8) The forward windscreen shall be clear 5mm hardened glass with black anodised aluminium frame and bolted onto the wheelhouse opening. Both sliding windows port and starboard side shall be of grey tinted type with black anodised aluminium frame bolted onto wheelhouse opening. The window shall be of leak proof type.
9) There shall be one lockable aluminium swing door with half glass window.
10) The forward cabin shall be constructed for use as a storage area only
11) The wheelhouse roof and wall shall be of marine grade aluminium alloy (1.2mm thick) and fitted over internal framings for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
There shall be a layer of insulation material installed between the external and internal wall for heat insulation. At the discretion of the builder, builder reserves the right to replace any material deemed suitable for use.
12) The walls and ceiling shall be spray painted with white polyurethane paint to gloss finish.
13) Sound insulation is not provided for in this design. The additional cost of installation of sound insulation, barriers or accessories shall be borne by the buyer. A quotation shall be provided to the buyer upon request

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