NEW NEW BUILD - 13.2m Catamaran Platform Boat

43' 4" - 13.20m
Vessel Location
Ex factory, India
Model Year
Hull Material

Ideal for sheltered water work or tourism applications. Fuel: 200 Litres. Water: 100 Litres. Outboard Motor: 2x 60 HP. Speed (Laden): 8 10 knots. Passengers: 64. Crew: 2

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Vessel Name
NEW BUILD - 13.2m Catamaran Platform Boat
Boat Reference
Model Year
43' 4" - 13.20m
5.6m (18ft 4in)m
1m (3ft 3in)m
Vessel Location
Ex Factory, India
New South Wales
Hull Material
2 x 60 HP (Outboard Motors) Suzuki / Yamaha / Mercury / Honda ENGENEERING Main Engines General Two (2) off, 60 HP Outboard Motors. We recommend Suzuki Outboard Motors as they are well represented in India by West Coast Marine Yacht Services Private Limited having suitable after sales support services in India. This is the only engine in the 60 hp class to offer DOHC performance, and also the only engine in its class to incorporate a maintenance-free, oil-bathed timing chain, which provides the outboard with increased durability and maintenance free operation. With larger displacements for increased power and performance, Suzuki's Lean Control System for improved fuel economy and designs that are more compact and lighter in weight than the predecessor, the new DF60A engines also incorporate the Suzuki Troll Mode System. During the 2011 Miami Boat Show, the Boating Writers of America presented Suzuki Marine with the NMMA Innovation Award for the DF60A. FUEL SYSTEM Two (1) off 100 litre aluminium fuel tanks shall be provided and installed to the engine space. Fuel vents shall terminate above deck level. Dupelx fuel filters, Raycor or similar, to be fitted to main engine. Approved flexible hoses to be used for all engine connections. Tank level instruments to be installed (site tube), to be activated by a weight valve. Fuel drain valves and inspection hatches shall be installed. Fuel shut off valve fitted with remote control installed at helm. EXHAUST SYSTEMS The Outboard Engines come complete with their own exhaust system (Please see attached Brochure on OBM)
Number Engines
Max Speed
10 Knots (Maximum Light Ship)
Cruise Speed
8 Knots (Cruising Speed Light Ship)
Propulsion Outboard Motor
200 Litres (+2 x OBM Tanks)
100 Litres (Optional Extra)
Passenger 64
Crew 2 Vessel Crew
Safety Gear
The following Safety Equipment shall be supplied:
(1) Life buoys (To Class requirements)
(2) Fire extinguishers (To Class requirements)
(3) Fire Buckets (To Class requirements)
(4) Anchor, rope and chain (To Class requirements)
(5) Rubbish Bin (1 off)

Manual deckwash / hand bilge pump shall be provided with bilge suctions to forward, mid-ship and engine compartments. An emergency hand pump shall be provided. Non return valves shall be fitted to overboard discharge lines.
A sea-suction and deckwash outlet shall be fitted and plumed to the bilge pump. A non return valve or "L" port cock to be fitted to prevent back flooding.
The electrical power will be supplied from two banks of low maintenance lead acid batteries located in an enclosure mounted in the machinery space. Battery selection will be via a Colhersee or similar rotary selection switch mounted adjacent to the batteries.
The batteries will supply adequate power for starting and general requirements.
The batteries will be float charged by engine driven battery charging alternators.
Wiring cables shall be marine type having electrical, mechanical and thermal properties complying with the survey authorities.
The following circuits shall be supplied:
(a) Cabin Lighting Helm, forward passenger area
(b) Navigation Lights
(1) Anchor Light
(2) Mast headlight
(3) Port side light (on roof)
(4) Starboard side light (on roof)
(5) Stern light
(d) Three (3) spare circuits shall be provided
(e) VHF Radio (Optional Extra)
(f) Passenger Area lighting
(g) Airhorn
Electronics / Navigation
The Vessel is of the Twin Hull 'Catamaran' type and based on PRAGA'S highly successful and well proven Fibreglass (GRP) Displacement Catamaran design of M/s DON TATE ASSOCIATES of the U. K.
The Catamaran is designed to give a very stable and spacious craft with one or two decks which allow the Owner to utilise the craft for a variety of purposes.

The full displacement hulls are designed to carry large loads even while operating in shallow water depths of 1.0m without compromising on the low hull resistance that allows the use of smaller engines. This results in very low operational costs when compared to any other vessel of this size, capacity and speed. The underwater shape of the hulls incorporates a keel which runs the full length and fully protects the propellers even when the hulls are grounded.

This allows the catamaran to be safely beached by the bows, leaving the propellers in clear water so that the vessel can be reversed off into deeper water.

The large deck platform area can be fully utilized.
A covered area at the aft end of the deck can be provided for crew seating.
There is also no safer vessel than a Catamaran with each Hull having 3 water-tight divisions, making 6 water-tight compartments in total
The vessel shall be constructed as a medium speed, sea kindly, Catamaran Platform Deck Barge for the use in Inland Waters and Lakes.
The vessel shall be arranged as shown in the preliminary drawing,
The Helm is arranged to allow all round vision. Boarding is effective by the provision of Side and Forward gates.

Sullage Tank: 50 Litres

The Vessel shall be constructed under Survey of the Indian Register of Shipping under Builders Certification (Optional Extra).

The Hulls of the Vessel shall be of GRP, stoutly built to withstand the intended use with minimum maintenance. They shall be sufficiently stiffened and divided into 3 Watertight compartments in each Hull, by means of Marine Plywood Bulkheads. The Scantlings shall be in accordance with those approved by the IR Class. The hulls shall be joined together in a manner which will ensure complete integrity of the whole vessel and able to withstand the intended loads and conditions of use.

The Deck and Superstructures shall be constructed from timber fabrication covered with Aluminium sheeting. Decks will be sheathed with GRP layers to ensure full waterproofing and covered with aluminium checked plates in load areas.

The following hatches and doors shall be provided:
- One Port and One Starboard passenger access door
- Raised hatches over each watertight compartment
- Watertight flush deck access hatch (Two off)

1. Four off aluminium mooring bollards.
2. Recessed tie points along gunnels for portables fendering.
3. One set mooring lines.
4. One set 38mm boarding rails to forward deck

The vessel's hull, above waterline, and superstructure shall have a high gloss paint finish. The side, aft, maindeck and foredeck shall be provided with a non-skid paint finish.
All underwater areas shall be anti-fouled and provided with sacrifical anodes as required.

Heavy duty "D" type rubber gunnel fendering shall be fitted to the vessel at gunnel height. This provides excellent fendering, protection for the vessel with trouble free long life. Additional Fendering to be provided on the Bow.

Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
Suzuki Lean burn Control System
Suzuki Troll Mode System
Direct Ignition
Suzuki Easy Start System
Over-Rev. Limiter
Low Oil Pressure Caution
Fully Transistorized Ignition
Timing Chain
Fresh Water Flushing System
Power Trim and Tilt
Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System

(1) Padded Bench Seat for Helm and Crew
(2) 16 Bench Seats each capable of seating 4 passengers
(2) Safety equipment to the requirement of Marine Department
(3) VHF Radio (Optional Extra)
(4) Anti Skid flooring to main passenger deck area
(5) Manual Anchor with rope, chain and winch
(6) First aid kit
(7) Toilet / Washroom with WC and wash basin
(8) 100 Litre Water Tank with Fresh Water Connection
(9) 50 Litre Sullage Tank
(10) Two sets of Mooring Lines

The quality of construction testing and trials of the vessel/s, its machinery, fittings, equipment, material and workmanship shall be in accordance with accepted standards of shipbuilding practice and in accordance with the Specification and Plans.

The Specifications and Plans are intended to explain each other and anything shown in the Plans but not stipulated in the Specifications or stipulated in the Specifications but not shown in the Plans, shall be deemed and considered as if included in both.

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