NEW NEW BUILD - 15m Multipurpose Vessel

US $300,000 Reduced
49' 3" - 15.00m
Vessel Location
Model Year
Hull Material

This versatile vessel is a design of Astillero SENI S de R. L de C. V, it has been designed as a "Tender boat" to provide the following services: Passenger and Cargo transport, Auxiliary boat to assist on docking and undocking of ships, Rescue Services, Pilot boat, Tourism passenger vessel. The design will incorporate a central deck house with seating for a maximum of 25 passengers + 2 crew it will serve as a safety and work area. The bridge will be situated on the upper level incorporating the control station, and radio communication equipment.

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US $300,000 Reduced   
Boat Reference
Model Year
49' 3" - 15.00m
4.2m (13ft 9in)m
1m (3ft 3in)m
Vessel Location
North America and Caribbean
Hull Material
QSB 6.7 - DM
Engine Make
Number Engines
450 HP
Fuel Type
Marine Diesel
Fuel Consumption
1,900 NM
Cruise Speed
18 knots
3,800 liters (1,004 US Gallons)
1,500 liters (396 US Gallons). BW & GW capacity: 600 + 600 liters (158 + 158 US Gallons)
20 Passengers + 2 Crew
*The boat can be modified to accommodate passengers in the main and upper decks

Upper Deck and Bridge Outfit - General
The linings and furniture for the upper deck and bridge will comprise a simple but aesthetically pleasing layout. The main helm position will be at the center plane, and the console layout will be designed ergonomically to enable the Master to operate the vessel and ships electronics from the helm position.

Toughened safety glass windows will be attached to the vessel they will be arranged as per the General Arrangement plans. The windows will be of sliding type.

All shutdown switches will have protection to avoid accidental shutdown. The forward console will house all engine controls, electrical switchboards, alarm panels and equipment.

Main Deck
The wheel house will be built above the main deck, which will be designed to accommodate a maximum of 24 passengers + 2 crew, which would be the helmsman and an assistant.

Located in the cabin a toilet with hand washer will be installed, Air condition will be provided by two mini split 18,000 BTU units each.

The main deck runs form the bow to the stern, with engine room and steering system hatches for an easy access. On both sides of the deck safety railings are built for a safe transit.
Ground Tackle
Chain & Rope: 12.5 meters of galvanized chain + 45 meters of 19 mm rope.
Safety Gear
The following lifesaving equipment will be installed. Equipment will be in accordance to current regulations.
5 Marine Lifebuoy Ring / Light & Smoke signal SOLAS approved
Galvanized Anchor adequate to the service and size of the boat.
Life Jackets
6 Life Jackets SOLAS approved
Fire Protection
3 Fire Extinguishers
Electrical Installation - General
All electrical equipment, cables, cable trays and fittings that are required to complete the installation of the electrical fit out for the vessel, as described below, will be supplied by the Builder.

110 / 220 AC System: The vessel will be fitted with one marine generator 21.5 kW capacity, with switchboard and electrical installation.

24 V DC System - For alarms, radio, navigational aids, emergency lighting, navigation lights and other emergency loads, It will be a marine system designed and installed in accordance to the marine electrical practices.

Switchboard The main switchboard will be dust and drip proof and dead front type suitable for marine duty to be installed in the engine room.

Ships Batteries
Ships batteries will be sized appropriately for the machinery installed.
Electronics / Navigation
The following navigation and communication equipment will be installed.
1 Magnetic Compass
1 V. H. F Marine Radio
1 Horn
1 Radar 3G, 24 NM with GO 7" screen
1 HF/VHF/UHF All mode transceiver ICOM, ICM 700 PRO. 150 Watts.

Search Lights
2 units 500 W forward
The vessel is a design of Astillero SENI S de R. L de C. V, it has been designed as a "Tender boat" to provide the following services:
a. Passenger and Cargo transport
b. Auxiliary boat to assist on docking and undocking of ships
c. Rescue Services
d. Pilot boat
e. Tourism passenger vessel

The design will incorporate a central deck house with seating for a maximum of 25 passengers + 2 crew it will serve as a safety and work area. The bridge will be situated on the upper level incorporating the control station, and radio communication equipment.

Beam Moulded 4.20 m
Depth Amidships: 2.10 m
Draft at lightship condition: 1.00 m

Construction Class
The vessel is not built under any classification society, however it has been constructed in accordance to ABS Rules

Flag State and Registration
Shipyard responsibility

The warranty will be for a period of 12 months from delivery of the vessel. Warranty on all machinery and equipment shall be supplied by the component manufacturers on a back to back basis. Does not apply if an erroneous operation or a failure not imputable to the construction.

One full set of approved drawings and documentation will be delivered to the client as listed below.

Drawings to be provided include:
General Arrangement
Engine Room Arrangement
Fill, Vent And Sounding
Tank Plan
Schematics of:
Steering System Schematic
Bilge System Schematic
Fuel Oil System Schematic
Fire and Safety Schematic
Propulsion system

Maritime Authorities Procedures:
The designer / builder is required to perform some procedures/payments before the SCT and / or SEMAR, such as approval of the construction project of naval vessels, for recognition (Inspection) and Experiment Tilt / Stability and calculating tonnage.

Flagging cost of the boat: Made by the shipyard in case Mexican flag is used.

Surface Protection
All surfaces will be cleaned and freed from oil and grease. All internal and external surfaces have been grit blasted to remove corrosion residues prior to the immediate application of a protective primer which will be compatible with the next coats of the paint system.

Internal and External Coating System
All internal surfaces will be protected with a first coat of protective primer and subsequent coat of enamel.

The exterior of the vessel will be painted using an approved marine paint system consisting of 2 coats of epoxy HS and 2 coats of antifouling. The topsides above the waterline and the superstructure will be finished in colors to the Purchaser's choice. All paint will be tin free. The vessel's name will be painted on the aft and forward.

Gearbox Make and Model: ZF 3053

Engine Control
Each engine will be equipped with its own control stations with their respective start and stop buttons.

The propulsion shafts will be machined from stainless steel of suitable strength. The rudders will be fabricated from Marine Grade steel. The propulsion shafts will be fitted with Duramax or similar bearings. The bearings will be water cooled and lubricated. The stern tubes will be constructed of heavy walled steel pipe, and will be line bored prior to installation of the bearings to ensure precision alignment.

The vessel will be fitted with two four bladed RICE propellers. An approved locking system will be fitted to ensure propeller security. Propeller nuts are included.

A type "D" fender will be utilized around 1/3 rd of the vessel's length on both sides. In the transom the fenders will be installed in three points on a vertical manner.

Fuel Oil System
The fuel oil tanks will be constructed integrally to the vessels structure with the pickups 25 mm from the bottom of the tanks. The total capacity will be 3,800 liters

Cathodic Protection
Zinc anodes will be fitted to the hull, to reduce cathodic corrosion. The hull anodes will be welded to the hull.

3 weather tight windows in the forward of the cabin, 2 at each side (port and stbd)

Harbor and Sea Trials
Comprehensive harbor and sea trial will be conducted to satisfy the client in the shipyards facilities.

The owner is to take delivery at Shipyard's facility in Mexico at the successful completion of sea trials, and receipt of final payment.

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