NEW Safehaven Wildcat 60,18.5m Research / Hydrographic Survey C

60' 8" - 18.50m
Vessel Location
Ex factory, Ireland
Model Year
Hull Material

This vessel is a Wildcat 60 catamaran. The vessel has a LOA including the substantial aft dive platforms of 18.5m, a beam of 6.2m and a draft of 1.4m. The vessel has a 33,000kg lightship displacement and a loaded displacement of 37,000kg. The design is for an ocean research and hydrographic survey catamaran capable of operating offshore for 7 days duration for 12 crew.

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Boat Reference
Model Year
60' 8" - 18.50m
6.2m (20ft 4in)m
1.4m (4ft 7in)m
Lightship: 33,000kg, Loaded: 38,000kg
Vessel Location
Ex Factory, Ireland
Hull Material
2x Volvo D16 750hp Speed max: 23.5kts @ 1900rpm (80% of 3,500L fuel load) Speed cruise @ MCR: 20kts @ 1750rpm (80% of 3,500L fuel load) Service speed fully loaded: A minimum cruise speed of 12kts when fully loaded
Fisher Panda 2x 15kw linked units, 30kw total output
3,500 litres
800 litres
Passenger / crew capacity: 12

To facilitate this the vessel has two sleeping cabins, one in the lower port hull and one in the st/bd hull, each fitted with 6x bunk berths and each cabin with its own separate heads compartment. A full galley is positioned in the f/wd port hull and is equipped for extended sea operations, fitted with a large capacity fridge freezer, dishwasher, 240v hob and microwave, large worktop areas and storage. A third large heads and shower compartment is positioned in the st/bd f/wd cabin and here is incorporated multiple storage lockers and a washing machine / dryer. Long duration voyages are made possible by the 800 litre fresh water capacity. A 600 litre black water tank is fitted.

The main cabin is a twin deck arrangement with a raised steering and navigation position. Seating is provided for a helmsman and navigator, both on shock mitigation suspension seating, with 2x additional bench seats either side. The raised position allows excellent all round visibility and control of the vessel with a full suite of Raymarine navigation equipment including 48nm radar & 12" C127 colour display, GPS, plotter on 2nd 12" display, sonar 2x VHF, autopilot etc, all flush mounted in a large helm console. The main cabin incorporates two areas, the f/wd area houses the main hydrographic work area, incorporating a U shaped worktop with computer racking below, space for multiple computer screens and is fitted with three fixed seats. A dinette area with settee and table is positioned opposite. The aft area houses an additional survey work area with work table, twin fixed seats and computer racking. A settee area with table is positioned here as well. A server room is positioned in this area, and is fully air conditioned by a 16,000btu air con unit. A 2m high server rack is incorporated in the server room. The overall design of the accommodation allows up to 12 crew to operate from the vessel in comfort.
Deck Gear
Crane: HIAB 013T3 or HIAB 077T3

The vessel is fitted with twin Volvo D16 engines and provide the vessel with a 23kts maximum speed @ 1900rpm and a 19-20kts operational cruise speed at 1750rpm with a 75% fuel load. Fuel capacity is 3,500 litres and allow for a 1,400 nautical mile range at displacement survey speeds of 8-9kts.

Onboard 230V AV power is provided by a pair of Fisher Panda 'I' series linked 15kw generators providing a 30kw combined power output. The vessel will be fitted with twin Paguro 15kw AC generators of the i-range variable speed units. These are variable speed units are electronically linked together operating in tandem, only one unit works when under lower loads with the second unit starting only when load demands it, RPM is varied according to load with the units running at faster rpm when full load is needed, the variable speed sets ensure that the engine is always correctly loaded and this in turn delivers really good fuel savings, lighter in weight and size, longer service intervals and extended engine life.

The vessel is suitable for hot climate operations and is fitted with two powerful 27,000btu and one 16,000btu unit, (70,000btu total) the cabin roof and lower cabin roof areas are insulated. A 500mm dia Axial fan provides forced air into each engine room with hot air exhausted through separate vents
Survey Details

Built to comply with the UK MCA under 24m workboat requirements, category II

Build standards.

The vessels hull construction has been designed in accordance with Lloyds Special Service Craft rules and regulations for category 'workboat' and area of operation 'G3'

The Hull design has been approved by the Polish Register of Shipping and the M. C. A.

The vessel is built in respect of its machinery and safety equipment under survey and to the UK'S MCA workboat regulations category II, 60nm offshore and supplied with an MCA workboat certificate on delivery.
DATE LAUNCHED: Built to Order
Range @ displacement service speed: 8-9kts1,400nm
Range @ cruise speed: 360nm
Sewage waste black tank: 600L
Watertight compartments: x10 High survivability is achieved by 10 separate watertight compartments

General description
This vessel is a Wildcat 60 catamaran. The vessel has a LOA including the substantial aft dive platforms of 18.5m, a beam of 6.2m and a draft of 1.4m. The vessel has a 33,000kg lightship displacement and a loaded displacement of 37,000kg. The design is for an ocean research and hydrographic survey catamaran capable of operating offshore for 7 days duration for 12 crew.

Deck arrangements
The deck arrangement has an 'island' cabin configuration with easy access around the vessel protected by high bulwarks and railings allowing safe operation on deck. Access to the raised foredeck is by twin steps port and st/bd with the area protected by railings all round. The aft deck is specially designed for hydrographic and survey operations. A large moon poll of 1.5m x 1.3m is fitted with a hydraulically operated multibeam deployment system capable of raising and lowering transducers and equipment up to 1,000kg in weight to below the keel level. A large 1.5m diameter tension drum of 1,000kg pull capacity and is capable of being pre-loaded with 200m of large 32mm dia electrical data cable and deploying equipment over the transom. 3x spare drums are carried onboard stored on the cabin roof and can be interchanged on the winch when required. The transom is fitted with a wide central gate allowing access over the transom and is fitted with a tilting 'A' frame with a 1,000kg SWL hydraulically operated by two large hydraulic cylinders allowing equipment to be lifted off deck and lowered over the transom. The transom is fitted with twin substantial dive platforms accessed from their own ladders allowing access to the waterline to assist equipment deployment and recovery as well as dive operations. Additional means of deploying multiple sonar and hydrographic equipment is provided by 2x swing down 4" diameter aluminium transducer poles on substantial gunwale mounted bearings which lock into place securely when lowered and position the transducer below keel level. They are raised and lowered by manual winch. The deck is serviced by a powerful HIAB 033 hydraulic slewing knuckle crane which has a maximum lifting capacity of 470kg at 7m reach and a maximum lift of 2,900k

Cabin arrangements
Port f/wd: Galley
Port lower midships: Sleeping cabin 6x berths
Port lower midships: Heads compartment
St/bd f/wd: Main heads / shower, Stores
St/bd lower midships: Sleeping cabin 6x berths
St/bd lower midships: Heads compartment
Main cabin upper level: Helm & navigator
Main cabin f/wd: Hydrographic area 1 & dinette area
Main cabin aft: Hydrographic area 2 & Settee seating
Server room: Computer racking

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