NEW Seaward Nelson 40

UK £550,000
40' 0" - 12.20m
Vessel Location
Model Year
Hull Material

The Nelson 40 is perhaps the archetypal pilot boat, with over three hundred produced, providing sterling service, day in and day out, around the world. They are noted for their exceptionally soft ride, excellent handling in difficult sea conditions and for their predictable behaviour during ship boardings. They are built to Classification Society-approved drawings and are fitted-out to comply with the customer's local flag approvals. Today's Seaward Nelson 40 Pilot Boats benefit from the decades of experience that the company has in the design and build of these specialist craft. Robustly built, well-fendered and produced with maintainability in mind, they provide their operators with the ideal tool for this particularly demanding job. The Seaward Nelson 40 is available with a long or short wheelhouse, fixed or resiliently-mounted, with seating for 4 or 6, with a choice of forward or aft raked screens. Various engines options are available, providing operating speeds up to 25 knots. The Seaward Nelson 40... The ultimate sea boat!

Nelson 40 with 2 x Volvo D7s ( 265hp) £550,000

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UK £550,000   
Boat Reference
Model Year
40' 0" - 12.20m
Vessel Location
Hull Material
We are happy to install your choice of engines in the Nelson 40. Recent successful installations include Volvo D7s, Cummins QSB 6.7s and the excellent FPT N67s.
Seaward specialises in the design and build of rugged boats for discerning users who seek the ultimate in reliable performance. Today's Seaward Nelson 40 Pilot Boats are the result of a constant evolution of these well-proven designs, incorporating all the latest build techniques that we have developed.

Over more than forty years Seaward's current management team has been involved in the build of numerous pilot boats, both of the Nelson type and others that were optimised for different purposes, such as RIBS and other (often hard chine) hull forms. This experience, enhanced by the incorporation of much user feedback into the well-proven Nelson hull forms, results in today's ideal all weather pilot boats.

The Seaward Nelson 40 features a resiliently-mounted wheelhouse, with forward or aft-raked screens. An extended wheelhouse version is also available for those requiring additional seating. Seaward has introduced a number of design and build changes to further improve the excellent handling characteristics of this fine design.

Our two most recent build projects support the choice of the Seaward Nelson 40. Both ports have used the Nelson 40 in the past, before returning to us for the latest version of the 40.

Our new Seaward Nelson 40 has been in service at the very exposed Atlantic port of La Coruna in North West Spain for two years now and is welcomed by the operators there as being even better than their first one.

The busy port of Genoa has taken delivery of two 40s from us in 2016. They had 40s in the past, then experimented with other hull forms, before returning to purchase updated versions of the best boat that they ever had.

The vessel's hull, deck and superstructure are to be designed, built and certificated in accordance with Rina rules.

Foam Elastomer Top Fender:
Included in the proposal is the latest Seaward foam elastomer top fender that gives a number of advantages including better shock absorption, increased spacing from the ship side, a small increase in dryness and a saving in weight. These are specially made, very strong, sectional fenders, bonded to the hull over an effective L shape at the deck edge, incorporating a toe rail. This also removes the downside of leaks that can develop with bolted fenders. Both the recent builds for La Coruna and Genoa are fitted with this type of fender.

Pusher Bow:
Many pilot boats are sometimes asked to assist with pushing ships and also come bow-on to quay sides to collect personnel. Our boats feature a well-fendered rounded bow to better protect them during such manoeuvres.

The 2017 Nelson 40 specification incorporates many technical advances such as the foam elastomer top fender, LED navigation lighting and an electrical system featuring digital switching.

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