NEW NEW BUILD - 85m Steel/Aluminium Superyacht

278' 10" - 85.00m
Vessel Location
Ex Shipyard, Italy
Model Year
Hull Material

This luxury Italian styled 85m ocean going MotorYacht is designed for unrestricted long range world cruising. The hull construction is in steel and fitted with internal watertight bulkheads dividing forepeak compartment, accommodation and tanks, engine room, steering gear compartment and aft peak water ballast tanks. The superstructures will be constructed in aluminium alloy. Accommodations are arranged for:12 owner/guests and up top 22 crew. The propulsion arrangement consists of two main diesel engines connected to drive shafts units. A PTO/PTI is arranged for Hybrid Diesel Electric sailing in transit conditions. Optionally can be considered an azimuth stern drive propulsion system. Funnels for exhaust gas piping from the diesel engines will be installed on the port and starboard sides of the vessel and arranged in such a manner as to be clear of the exposed deck areas. The design and the construction of the vessel is to be in accordance with the rules and requirements of the Classification Society. +100 A1 SSC YACHT MONO G6 +LMC UMS Large Yacht Code (LY2).

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Boat Reference
Model Year
278' 10" - 85.00m
14m (46ft)m
3.8m (12.5ft)m
Vessel Location
Ex Shipyard, Italy
Studio Samarelli
Italian Vessel
Hull Material
Power: Abt 2x 3500 hp Diesel Generator: Abt 3x 340kW Range at Cruising Speed: 6000 nautical miles (with 5% margin) Engine Room The Yacht, machinery and equipment shall be designed to be suitable for operation under tropical climate conditions for ambient sea and atmospheric conditions: Maximum ambient outside air temperature: 40 °C Minimum ambient outside air temperature: -5 °C Maximum inside temperature: 45° C Minimum inside temperature 0° C Maximum sea water temperature: 32° C MACHINERY All components and systems are to be designed to operate under the following environmental conditions: Ambient air temperature in the machinery space between 0°C and 45°C Relative humidity of air in the machinery space up to 80% Sea water temperature up to 32°C List, rolling, trim and pitch according to rules. Tankage Fuel Oil: Abt 250 mc Fresh Water: Abt 100 mc Sewage Tank: Abt 10 mc Sludge tank: Abt 4 mc Grey Water: Abt 40 mc Black Water: Abt 5 mc Bilge Water: Abt 10 mc Foam: Abt 10 mc Dispersant: Abt 4.5 mc Lube Oil: Abt 6 mc Dirty Oil: Abt 3 mc
Max Speed
18 knots
Cruise Speed
14 knots
2x DD. EE. With FPP
The Yacht is to have accommodation for 12 Owner/Guests, and 22 crew members arranged as follows:
Owners Area/3rd Deck: two berths abt. 180 m2 sqm

Public Internal Area Saloon of abt 200 m2 sqm.
The accommodation will be as per accommodation drawings and agreed with the customer.
The accommodation will be as per accommodation drawings and agreed with the customer.

Public Internal Area Beach Club of abt 100 m2 sqm. Cinema and beach bar of abt 60 m2 sqm.
3rd DECK
Public Internal Area Saloon of abt 130 m2 sqm. 4th DECK
Public Internal Area Saloon of abt 80 m2 sqm. 5th DECK
Public Internal Area Gym of abt 80 m2 sqm.
Ground Tackle
Two anchors and chain per each anchor to be supplied in accordance with classification equipment numeral requirements.
The anchors are stowed in pockets, flush with the hull line.

One (1) electric-driven anchor windlass/towing double drum winch forward in polished stainless steel.
Safety Gear
Watertight Doors
Electrical Sliding Watertight Door Fire Fighting System
Security (CCTV System)
Fire Detection & Alarm System Liferafts and tenders
Life Saving Appliances
Electrical Supplies: 230 / 400 V - 50 hz Service Generators 3x340kW
Emergency Generator 1x 143 ekW Shore Power Connection
Electronics / Navigation
The navigation equipment will be in accordance with the rules requirements and should also include the following items:
- One (1) GPS system
- Two (2) RADAR,
- One (1) set of navigation and signaling lights
- One (1) echosounder
- One (1) magnetic compass
- One (1) satellite compass
- One (1) autopilot
- One (1) Navtex
- One (1) speed log
- One (1) AIS
- Inmarsat
- Weather station
- Two (2) Rudder angle indicators in the wheelhouse
- One (1) electric whistle
- One (1) daylight signaling lamp
- One (l) chronometer
- Two (2) searchlights
- Two (2) clocks
- Windshield wipers for the wheelhouse windows.

Internal Communication and Alarm System
The internal communication and alarm system is to be in accordance with the Classification Society rules requirements and should also include the following items:
- Loudspeaker system for the decks.
- Intercom system, for wheelhouse, mess room, aft main deck, engine room, steering gear compartment and cabins.
- Two (2) portable VHF radio for on board operations.
- General alarm system, with push button in the wheelhouse and bells in the accommodations space corridors (bottom. Main deck and forecastle deck), steering gear compartment and engine room.

External Communication System
The external communication system is to be in accordance with the rule requirements and should also include the items listed below. This equipment, together with the navigation equipment should comply with the GMDSS requirements.
- Two (2) VHF radios with DSC terminals
- One (1) SSb radio (MF/HF) 150 W with MFIHF DSC
- One (1) EPIRB
- One (1) Radar Transponder (SART)
- Two (2) portable 2-way VHF radios (GMDSS)
Length BPP: 81.5m
Depth moulded to main deck: 7m
GRT: 2500 GRT
Flag: Tbd
Yacht Type: Full Displacement
Registered Type: Commercial / Private Yacht
Classification and Notation: RINA
Compliant to: MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY3)
Superstructure: Aluminium
Decks Coverage: Teak
Noise, Vibration & Insulation: tbd (to be defined)

The Yacht will be designed according the regulations of RINA or similar with following notation:
+100 A1 SSC YACHT MONO G6 +LMC UMS Large Yacht Code (LY2).

The vessel is to comply with the requirements of the regulations listed below and others applicable regulations, in force on the date of signature of the contract:
- Rules for the classification and construction of the Classification Society;
- Collision Regulation (COLREG 72 and amendments);
- International Load Line Certificate - Load Line (ILLC 66);

Trial Speed at 100% MCR: approx. 18.00 knots
Speed trails to be executed in calm water deep sea condition and wind not exceeding 3 Beaufort. The vessel is to be loaded to 50% deadweight in an even keel condition.

The Yacht is to have sufficient fuel oil, potable water, provisions stores and other consumable stores to support and endurance for 6000 Nm sailing at a transit speed of 14 knots.

The hull structure is to be designed with special consideration given to access for inspection, maintenance, coating and repair or the structures, machinery and equipment during the lifetime of the vessel. Bilge wells, drain tanks and cofferdams are to be arranged in the bottom structure as required by Class.

Steel Fenders are fitted all around the vessel as shown on the profile general arrangement.

Bulwarks of steel material alternated with decorative resistant glass shall be arranged on all decks aft according to the profile General Arrangement drawing with a height of approximately 1050mm.

Four double-bit mooring bollards to be positioned on the vessel close to the panama bows all in polished stainless steel.

Two capstans on the aft deck in polished stainless steel as indicated on the GA.
The capstans are to be electrically driven (bi-directional) with local water proofed controls. Warping head diameter is to be determined.

The Yacht can be fitted hybrid propulsion system.

An additional power provided electrically to the shaft allows to achieve maximum speed. The main engines can be smaller than in a conventional Yacht because the shaft motor generator are able to provide additional power to the shaft line. The shaft motor generator are to be therefore used for:
- low power maneuvering when mains are shut down,
- to provide electrical power for vessel services when mains are running,
- to "top up" shaft power when achieving maximum power.

Different operating modes:
Diesel-Electric: power and propulsion is provided from the auxiliary generator via the motor generator without the need for diesel engines.
Conventional: the vessel operates as a traditional vessel with the diesel engines providing propulsive power.
Electrical-Mechanical: both the main engine and the motor generator can provide propulsive power to the shaft line.

Two (2) off azimuth thrusters with fixed pitch propellers. The thrusters are lo be 360 degrees steerable.
Thruster specification:
Design Condition
Sailing 14 knots / Max speed 18 knots

Controls and indicators:
- 2 Joystick with combined power/steering function
- 2 Thruster Angle Indicator Heads
- 1 Starter Control Panel
- 1 Manual operated emergency steering pump

N°2 Stabilizers Zero Speed
Bow Thruster 300 kW (Electric)
Stern Thruster retractable 200 kW (Electric)in case of shaft line solution.
N°2 Water Makers IDROMAR, 2 x IDM 14 DUPLEX, 14,000 liters per day, each
F. W. System (Active carbon & UV filter, AG-S Silver ions, water softener)

Tender Cranes on Portside and stb side openings
Shell Doors (pt and Stb) Tender Crane on Rescue boat
Gangway & Sliding Swimming Platform

Product Sourcing
Engine: MTU / Cummins / Caterpillar or Similar
Gear Box: ZF or Reintjes
Engine Control System (electronic / remote: As per engine choice
Flexible Coupling and Thrust Bearing: Vulkan
Stern Tube Material: Mild Steel
Propeller and Material: 2x Ni-A- Bronze, low noise design
Stabilizers; 2x CMC or similar Zero Speed
Bow Thruster: CMC 300kW (Electric)
Water Makers: Idromar / Tecnicomar or similar
F. W. System (Active carbon & UV filter, AG-S Silver ions,
water softener): Idromar or Technicomar
Air Conditioning: Condaria
Engine Room Ventilation: Condaria
Fuel Filtration and Separation: Alfa Laval
Sewage Treatment System: JETS
Vacuum Pumps and Toilets: JETS
Fixed Bilge/Ba

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