4000T LCT

US $2,100,000 Finance
300' 2" - 91.50m
Vessel Location
Launch Year
Hull Material

This ship is a self-propelled deck cargo ship driven by stern engine, inclined stem, double engine, double propeller, double rudder and diesel engine. Cargo area on deck2.0mHigh bulwark, the first building is set at the first part, and the four deckhouses are set at the aft part. The middle area of the hull is a single-deck, single-bottom and single-shell longitudinal framing structure, and the fore and aft areas are a single-deck, single-bottom, and single-shell transverse framing structure; 1.3, This ship is used to transport bulky, bulk cargo, engineering vehicles, etc. ; This ship is a sea-going ship.

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US $2,100,000    Finance   
Boat Reference
Launch Year
300' 2" - 91.50m
0.2m (0ft 7in)
3.40m (11ft 1in)
Vessel Location
Hull Material
Speed: 9 knots Main Engine: Weichai XCW6200ZC two sets Power: 698KWx2 Rotating Speed: 1000r/min Gearbox Model: WHG900 Speed Ratio: 4.5:1 Diesel Engine Model: TBD226B-6CD1 Power: 90kW Amount of Speed: 1500r/min Fuel Consumption: 198g/kW. H Oil Consumption Rate:0.8g/kW. H Start Mode: Electric start
Number Engines
Model: CCFJ64J-WF, Rated Power: 64kW
Ferry Member: 12 people
Safety Gear
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher Set
Model: 68L
Quantity: 7bottle

Fire-fighting and Life-Saving Equipment
Fire Extinguishing System
The ship is equipped with water fire extinguishing system andCO2fire extinguishing system. There are two fire pumps in the engine room and one emergency fire pump in the emergency fire pump room pumps; fitted in machinery spaces, casings and chimneysCO2fire extinguishing system.

Fire Equipment
5kg dry powder fire extinguisher: 4 tool
9Liter Foam Fire Extinguisher: 10 tool
45Litre cart-type foam fire extinguisher: 1 tower
Fire Hydrant: 11 individual
International shore connection: 2 only
5KilogramCO2fire extinguisher: 2 tool
Portable Foam Gun: 1 tool
Fire storage box: 2 only
Fire Hose and Water Gun: 11 only

Life-saving Equipment
Lifebuoy with self-igniting light and smoke signal: 2 only
Lifebuoy with lifeline: 6 only
Lifebuoy with self-igniting light: 2 only
Rocket Parachute Signal: 12 pcs
Lifesaving rope thrower: 4 tool
Emergency escape breathing apparatus: 7 tool

Anti-corrosion Device
In addition to brushing with effective paint, the immersed surface of the steel hull of the ship is also provided with anti-corrosion zinc blocks to protect the outer plate of the underwater part of the hull. To prevent corrosion, sacrificial anodes are protected for years2.5year.
Life Raft
Fire Protection
Fire Extinguishing System
Type: Marine brushless alternator
Model: TFHX-64 power:64kW
Voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50Hz

Bilge Pump
Model: 80CBZ-21
Flow: 60m3/h
Head: 21mH2O
Power: 7.5kW

Total Pump
Model: 80CBZ-42
Flow: 60m3/h
Head: 42mH2O
Power: 15kW

Fire Pump
Model: CIS80-50-200
Flow: 46.9m3/h
Head: 43.4mH2O
Power: 8.21kW

Emergency Fire Pump
Model: 65CWY-40
Flow: 30m3/h
Head: 40mH2O
Diesel Engine Power: 6kW
Start Mode: Electric start

Ballast Pump
Model: CIS150-125-250
Flow: 200m3/h
Head: 20mH2O
Power: 13.5kW

Air Compressor
Type No: LSHC-40A
Exhaust Volume: 13.5m3/h
Preset Pressure: 3.0MPa
Rated Power: 4kW

Main Air Bottle
Model: A0.16-3 CB493-87
Volume: 160L
Pressure: 3.0MPa

Miscellaneous Air Bottle
Model: A0.25-1 CB493-87
Capacity: 250L
Pressure: 1.0MPa

Fuel Transfer Pump
Model: 2CY-5/0.33
Displacement: 5.0m3/h
Head: 0.33Mpa
Power: 2.2kW

Hand Pump
Model: CS-32Y
Flow: 2.88 m3/h
Indenter: 0.25 Mpa

Tail Shaft Oil Pump
Model: CS-25Y
Flow: 2.16 m3/h
Indenter: 0.25 Mpa

Bilge Jet Pump
Model: CPJ50-80-80
Flow: 0~40 m3/h
Indenter: 0.05~0.3 Mpa
Working Water Flow: 20~45 m3/h
Working Water Head: 0.4~1.4 Mpa

Axial Flow Fan
Model: JCZ-70A
Flow: 18000 m3/h
Full Pressure: 290Pa
Motor Power: 3kW

CO2Room Exhaust Fan
Model: JCL-15
Air Volume: 800m3/h
Full Pressure: 540Pa
Power: 0.75kW

Seawater Transfer Pump
Model: 1.5CWX-2
Flow: 3 m3/h
Head: 40mH2O
Rotating Speed: 2900r/min
Motor Power: 2.2kW

Oil Sewage Separator
Model: ZYFM-0.5
Processing Power: 0.5m3/h
Separation Effect:
Electronics / Navigation
Cabin Driving: 1t

Signal Equipment
Signal Equipment: Anchor light2lamp, mast light2light, stern light1lamp, signal light4light, out-of-control light2lamp, control lamp1cup, hand portable daytime communication flash 1cup
Survey Details
China Classification Society "Code for Construction of Sea-going Ships in Domestic Voyages" (2012year) and its amendment notification China Classification Society "Code for Materials and Welding" (2012year) and its amendment notification
The National Standard of the People's Republic of China "Quantities and Units" (GB3100-82)
Chinese shipbuilding quality standardsCSQS(2005year)
Upper Deck Length: 78m
Waterline Length: 77.3m
Length Between Vertical Lines: 75.5m
Type Width: 20m
Type Deep: 4.60m
Rib Distance: 0.6m
Beam Arch: 0.2m
GT: 2066
NT: 1156
The ship's freeboard is calculated according to our country's2011Statutory Inspection Rules for Ships and Offshore Installations (Statutory Inspection of Sea-going Vessels Rules) and its amendments to the notification B type of ships required. Actual minimum summer freeboard:1216 mm>Specification required value1100.9mm; own ship's minimum bow height is displaced by buoyancy form (height of the deckhouse on each side is increased to2.6m) to provide sufficient reserve buoyancy to achieve this.
The stability of the ship meets the requirements of our country2011Statutory Inspection Regulations for Ships and Offshore Installations (Statutory Inspection Regulations for Sea-going Ships Regulations) and its amendments to notify the requirements for coastal shipping areas.
Watertight Bulkhead Setting
The whole ship is provided with watertight transverse bulkheads8Road, respectively located in #3,#8,#twenty one, #45,#69,#93,#117.
Main Hull Arrangement
Stern~#3is the steering gear compartment; #3~#21is the cabin (where #3~#8Cooling water tank (left/right) under the platform, tail on both sides Ballast tank (left/right), #16~#115is the cargo hold area (the middle part of #21~#29set fuel tank (P/S);#21~#45,#45~#69,#69~#93The middle is empty tank, and the two sides are ballast tanks; #93~#117. The middle is the emergency fire pump room, and the two sides are the ballast tanks;#117~ The bow is the forepeak tank (with chain locker inside).
Superstructure Layout
There are four deckhouses at the stern: main deckhouse, crew deckhouse, living deckhouse, and driving deckhouse; Main deck house with kitchen, dining room, bathroom, CO2room, escape, cabin shed, single room4rooms and inner stairways; Crew deckhouse with chimney, bathroom, single room2room, double room1rooms, toilets and inner stairways; Living deckhouse with chimney, bathroom, single room3rooms, toilets and inner stairways; cab, toilet, single room1room, battery room, charging and discharging room, seawater tank, fresh water tank and interior stairway, in which the cab is equipped with a console1sheets, information desks and chart desks1Zhang, high armchair1handle, and other work cabinets, key box, binoculars, etc.
The first part is equipped with left and right first floors, with empty cabins and sail cable cabins (with anchor chain cabins).
Hull Structure
Structure according to China Classification Society2012The annual "Code for the Construction of Sea-going Ships on Domestic Voyages" and its revision notification calculation.
The whole ship adopts welded structure, and its requirements meet the2012The 2009 "Code for the Construction of Sea-going Vessels in Domestic Voyages" and its revision notice, according to different In the same situation, automatic welding and manual welding are used, and preheating measures are used for steel castings. To ensure welding quality.
All ship hull materials are used unless otherwise specified CCS-Agrade steel plate.
Structure Type
The midship area of the ship is of single-deck, single-bottom and single-hull longitudinal framing structure. 2watertight longitudinal wall, 1non-watertight longitudinal walls and 2 road truss, the engine room, fore and aft are single-deck, single-bottom and single-shell, the deck is a longitudinal framing type, and the side and bottom are a hybrid framing type structure.
Cabin Decoration Insulation
The fire-resistance insulation of all compartments shall meet the fire-resistance integrity requirements for bulkheads and decks of the regulations;
Bathroom, kitchen floor stickers30mmThick non-slip floor tiles, the surrounding walls are coated with cement and tiles, and the top of the kitchen is equipped with a galvanized sheet ceiling. There is a gusseted ceiling on the top of the bathroom;
Crew cabin floor stickers PVC Floor leather, paint the floor and surrounding walls of the inner walkway, heat insulation in the direct sunlight, inner bone The material is light steel keel, and the outer wall is double-sided sticker TC Fireproof board;
Deck base coverings used in accommodation spaces, control stations, stairways and corridors (if laid) should be resistant to high temperature Approved material that does not present a fire, toxicity and explosion hazard.
The marine paint used on this ship shall be ZC Recognized product certificate of conformity. After the ship's painting is confirmed by the shipowner, the painting operation should be carried out according to the paint painting requirements and reasonable painting process. Guaranteed to paint The thickness of the paint film and the paint film are uniform, smooth and flat, no brush marks joints, no leakage, no sagging, and the color separ

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