Nordhavn 86 Expedition Yacht Ocean Explorer

AU $7,000,000 Finance
86' - 26.21m
Family, Leisure, Cruising
Launch Year
Hull Material
Fibreglass/GRP Built to cross Oceans

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Follow ing the unparalleled success of the Nordhavn 76 with its sophisticated systems and construction features, PAE's design, engineering and manufacturing team was ready for a larger vessel and at 86 feet, with a 24-foot beam, Sol & Sons is more than impressive at first sight.

Taking advantage of the enormous capacity of this hull, the Nordhavn 86 offers accommodations that are nothing short of remarkable. Her full load displacement of over 400,000 pounds allows her to compare with many vessels well over 100 feet. She was built to ABS standards with +A1 Yachting Service rating for the Hull and AMS rating for machinery and installation. No expense has been spared in the outfitting and care of this magnificent Nordhavn! Kept in top condition by her knowledgeable owner and again is now ready to take her new owners anywhere in the world they wish to travel.

Additional Details

Hull Colour:

Dark Blue LP paint new in 2020
Boot top White
Deck Snow White
Non-skid Light Grey Stone
Hull Number: 03

Main Engine: MTU Series 60 model #6062HK30

2nd Main Engine: MTU Series 60 model #6062HK31

Generator 1: Onan model #MDDCA e-QD 40kw

Generator 2: Onan model #MDKBT e-QD 50kw

Generator 3 16kw


MTU Series 60 model #6062HK35 with a rating of 600HP@2100rpm, wet exhaust & 24 volt starting
Port 4,731 (8/2021)
Starboard 4,740 hours(8/2021)
Gear Box: Twin Disc #5114DC, with4.59:1 reduction
Engine Instrument Panel: three electronic display modules with instrument panels and alarms that will monitor all engine readings and functions
Alternators:100 amp 24 volts DC
Engine Controls: DDECIV electronic controls with brushed stainless steel finish six (6)stations: wheelhouse, flybridge and aft deck, port and starboard Portuguese bridge and engine room
"AirSep" crank case ventilation
Two(2) banks of 4D batteries connected in series for 24 volt starting
Each engine beds have1/2" stainless steel cap on top of bed and 1/4" plate on sides, plates are highly polished stainless steel
Engine mounted on four vibration resilient mounts
Propellers: Hungshen 48"x40" 4-blade counter rotating propellers
Propeller Shafts: Aquamet 22HS 4" diameter
Spurs line cutters on both main engine shafts
Shaft Bearings: rubber cutlass type with bronze housing at aft and forward end of shafts. New in 8/2021.
Shaft seals are dripless for 3-1/2"shaft. New in 8/2021.
Fuel Filter: two (2) Racor 75-900MAX duplex in addition to secondary engine mounted filter
FRP Sea Chest for raw water supply to various systems
Dual 2" diameter intakes port and starboard of keel using Groco Monel baskets
Beam central vacuum system-Serenity Plus quiet package


Hull Damping - area above the propeller rotation plane is constructed with two (2) layers of E-A-R Specialty Composites Isodamp CN Tiles (CN-62), alternating between resin and chopped glass to form a constrained layer for superb noise reduction
Engine room ceiling and forward bulkhead treated with 2" of Soundown lead foam and 2" of 3M Thinsulate. Inboard tank sides, aft bulkhead, underside of deck, forward side of engine room bulkhead and ventilation ducts has 2" of Soundown lead foam and 2" of 3M Thinsulate and covered with white aluminium panels by Soundown
Salon/galley cabin sole has 1-3/4" Nida Core" core system and 1/4" Soundown "decoupler" layer for enhanced quiet operation
Engine room hatches /doors have rubber gasket and lockdown mechanism providing a tight seal
Two stainless steel supports for salon cabin sole are filled with lead shot for vibration absorption and mounted on Soundown rubber mounts
Soundown Quite Pro lining covering engine room intake ventilating ducts, 1" thick secured with epoxy and mechanical fasteners
Insulated bulkheads in living areas are sandwiched with 3M Thinsulate
Forward accommodation areas between hull and hull ceiling are insulated with 3M Thinsulate
Salon overhead between deck underside and Majilite overhead panels are constructed 1" thick 3M Thinsulate
Generator 1 - Onan model #MDDCA e-QD 40 Kw 220/380 volt AC 3-phase, current hours: 10,115 (8/2021)
Generator 2 - Onan model #MKBT e-QD50 Kw220/380volt AC3-phase, current hours: 5,520 (8/ 2021)
Generator 3 - 16Kw 4,000 hours (8/2021); new in 2016


System utilizes a 24 volt Orberdorfer gear pumps at 4.8 gallons per minute to drain and fill engine lube oil from/to crankcases of main and generator(s) engines. Pump is controlled by a three (3) position switch mounted at pump location. Pump discharge / fill pulls from and discharges to new and used built-in oil storage tanks.


ABT System

Hydraulic powered 50 HP bow and stern thrusters using 16" tunnels with proportional controls at five stations
TRAC #370 digital stabilizer system with 20 sq. Ft. Fins and dual station control. Stainless steel kelp cutters forward of fins tied to the bonding system. System powered with engine and generator driven pumps. Includes active at-rest stabilization.
Hydraulicemergencybilgepumpat180gall ons-per-minute
Hydraulic anchor wash pump/fire fighting pump at180 gallons-per-minute
Hydraulic pump on main engine and generator


CRUISAIR Tempered Water System (chilled water) 12-ton 380 volt AC-230 volt AC 3-phase 50/60 Hz per PAE design
System includes back-up circulation pump and back-up raw water cooling pump. There are 7 air handlers supplying ventilation to all areas.
Air Handlers 237 Btu/hr total 380-volt AC50Hz - 3 phase
Engine room ventilation system
Two (2) high-capacity intake fans - Multifan 240-volt 60Hz20". Two (2) louvered vents on P&S side deck at forward end of engine room with screened blower inlet.
Two (2 )high-capacity exhaust fans - Multifan 240 volt 60Hz 20". Two (2) louvered vents on P&S sidedeck at fwd end of engine room with screened blower inlet.
Fire/Smoke Dampers-Ruskin Low Leakage Control Damper. Each damper will be normally open and will close on SEAFIRE actuation.
Two (2) intake fans and two (2) exhaust fans have adjustable speed controls
Auto blowers top and damper closure on engine room SEAFIRE actuation

One (1) exhaust blower - Multi fan volt 60Hz 10"
Auto blower stop on SEAFIRE actuation in the compartment

One (1) exhaust blower are in each head

One (1) supply blower for master, and lower staterooms(6 total)
Blower located to insure minimal noise in stateroom


Hydraulic drive anchor wash / firefighting pump: One (1) Pacer 2" intake thru-hull and Groco strainer at bow. A "Y" valve is used to switch from anchor wash to firefighting system. Firefighting to consist of a"Lzerwaren" valve, nozzle and two (2) fire hoses with couplings.
Engine Room:

SEAFIRE Fixed System fire extinguishers - two (2) systems

(1) SEAFIRE model FD-1400-M
(1) SEAFIRE Deluxe discharge alarm
Kobelt Hydraulic Steering System-35-degree rudder deflection, single station (wheelhouse)
Rudder feedback unit
Master rudder angle indicator
Jog lever for five (5) steering stations
Power pack are two (2) Eaton models. PC pumps including reservoir, tank top return filter, low level/high temperature switch and pressure gauge. Cooling of hydraulic oil is done through two heat exchangers that are fed with raw water from a gear driven pump on each main engine.


Kobelt Hydraulic Steering System-35-degree rudder deflection, single station (wheelhouse)
Rudder feedback unit
Master rudder angle indicator
Jog lever for five (5) steering stations
Power pack are two (2) Eaton models. PC pumps including reservoir, tank top return filter, low level/high temperature switch and pressure gauge. Cooling of hydraulic oil is done through two heat exchangers that are fed with raw water from a gear driven pump on each main engine.


Water Tanks

Number and capacity: two (2) tanks totaling 900 gallons (3,407 L)
Material: fiberglass with FDA approved gel coated interior
Inspection plates: appropriately positioned and sized for access
Tanks air tested
"Wema" level gauge and sight gauge
Tank baffles
All pumps are mounted within lightweight stainless drip trays on resilient mounts with isolating valves and easy to remove unions for easy repair or exchange
Fresh water outlets are on the foredeck, aft deck, flybridge, Portuguese bridge deck and one in engine room using stainless steel "Scandvik" spigots
Two (2) 2000 GPD Village Marine watermakers model PW2000 with UV sterilizer, media filter and remote panel

Fuel Tanks

Number and capacity: four (4) main tanks totaling 7,000 gallons (26,498 L) with one centerline aluminum "day tank" at 100 gallons which will gravity feed from main tanks in Engine room
FRP construction using vinylester resin. To comply with all ABYC codes for diesel fuel tanks. Tanks are coated with fire retardant gelcoat on outside to comply with ABYC section H-33.20 for fire resistance.
Inspection plates appropriately positioned for interior access by average size man. Each internal baffle to have are movable panel to allow access to entire interior of all fuel tanks.
Fuel system includes a powder coated aluminum supply reservoir, which feeds by gravity from two engine room fuel tanks. Reservoir is approximately 100 gallons and is fitted with a drain valve at the bottom of the reservoir for water and debris purging and with a water sensor - illuminating a light and audible alarm in wheelhouse if excessive water is present. Reservoir is fitted with five (5) draw spigots for two (2) main engines, two (2) generators and spares-mounted at lower level of reservoir but above water sensing probe. All returns from mains and generators are plumbed into reservoir via a return manifold.
Sight gauges provided for two (2) of the four (4) fuel tanks (engine room tanks only)
Each tank is air tested to 4.5 pounds per sq. Inch
Transfer manifold and 230-volt DC Orberdorfer gear pump transfers 3.86 gallons-per-minute with timer switch and Racor 1000 filter element which can transfer fuel from one tank to another and scrub fuel while transferring
Alfa-Laval fuel separator model MIB203 with volume counter. All fuel supply, return and transfer lines are color coded. Exterior of tanks finished in red gelcoat.
Each tank has separate 2" fill pipes
All hardware that comes in contact with fuel bonded into the 24-volt DC ground system

Hot Water Heater System

Heater: two (2) RHEEM Vanguard Low Boy, 47 gallon with dual 240 volt AC elements for quick recovery (one 4500 watt, one1000 watt)
This system has a recirculation pump

Fresh Water System

Main Pump: Headhunter Mach 5 - 230 volt with pressure regulator and Groco WSA-1000 strainer on pump inlet
Groco accumulator tank with pressure gauge
System equipped with backup Headhunter Mach 5 pump. Water filter housing with a sediment filter.
Head sinks- two (2) in owner's SR, one (1) in salon day head, three (3) in guest lowers, one (1 )in wheelhouse, one (1) in aft crew, oval white (8 total).
Shower and sink sump pump system for crew head, engine room, and laundry
Plumbing fixtures:
Galley sink: double

AU $7,000,000    Finance   
Boat Reference
Nord 86 Navy
Launch Year
86' - 26.21m
North America and Caribbean
Hull Material
Fibreglass/GRP Built to cross Oceans

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Newport Beach
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