Private Sellers - Help / FAQ

  1. Why must I register to publish a boat ad?
    Your email address and password are used to verify your identity and allow access to edit your boat ad. Your email address is also used to forward Enquiries for your boat ad to you.

  2. Can I change my email address for the published ad?
    Yes, please contact our office to verify a change of email address and we will do the change for you.

  3. Can I change photos for my boat ad?
    Yes, simply Login to your Account, then go to MANAGE YOUR AD, select UPLOAD PHOTOS/VIDEOS and follow the instructions.

  4. Can I submit several ads with the same email address and password?
    Yes, you can have up to 3 ads.

  5. I lost my password, what now?
    Easy, go to Retrieve Your Password and follow the steps.

  6. Why can't I upload my photo?
    Check the file format of your photo, it must be .jpg or jpeg.

  7. Why can I see only a part of my photo?
    Due to packet loss during transfer to the server only part of your photo was transmitted. This can happen due to an erratic Internet connection. Just upload your photo again.

  8. Why can't I see my ad?
    It may be due to cacheing by your computer. Hold down the SHIFT key and click the REFRESH/RELOAD button of your browser to reload the web page from the server.

  9. Can I renew my ad after it expired?
    Yes, just Login to your Account and make your payment. This will extend the expiry date by another 12 month period. Renewals can be made up to 7 days after the actual expiry date, after that the boat ad will be deleted.

  10. How do I email my boat ad?
    You can use the SEND TO FRIEND function on the boat ad as displayed on