Go Back to Newsfeed DUCHY 35 SEA TRIAL REVIEW WITH DANS BOAT LIFE Welcome to Camp Cove, right behind me, and we’re in Sydney Harbour, for those of you who don’t know. We’re going to be driving straight out to sea in a second, and we’re going to test the boat in all points that we find. So, we’re going to go up swell, across swell, and down swell. Following that, we’re going to go into some protected waters, and we’re going to see what the top speed of this boat is.

So, quite a nice spec on this particular Duchy. We have the extended-range fuel tank, that’s 1,100 litres, and we’ve got the big motors, the Yanmars. They’re 350 horsepower each, twin straight shaft, and they’re a V8. So, let’s just get the boat moving. I’ve got the fuel flow up at the moment, and I’m currently doing… Let’s just get it to six. Just want to get it to six knots. Okay, six knots SOG, got a fuel flow of around about three litres aside at six knots SOG.

For those of you that are coming from, and I think it’s going to be a few, but I’m going to make this point anyway, coming from a traditional planing powerboat, something like this with a full keel is going to feel very different.

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