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Those who own a Nordhavn, or aspire to own one, know the score: There is a big difference between a recreational 'trawler' and a true oceangoing passagemaker like a Nordhavn. The ability to power with confidence across any sea or ocean in safety and comfort is chief among reasons experienced boaters go to Nordhavn whether their adventures are coastal, global or anywhere in between.

These boaters know their history: In 1989 with the N46 Nordhavn became the first to design and develop a
production deep-sea passagemaker – and ultimately sold more than 80 of these groundbreaking hulls, most
of which are still actively taking their current owners to all corners of the globe.

In 2001 Nordhavn became the first builder to take one of its own boats, a smaller N40, around the world – a
feat that was accomplished in 27 weeks and has yet to be matched - or even attempted - by any other builder.
At present Nordhavn offers the fullest line of true deep-sea passagemakers with more than 15 models ranging
from 40 feet to 120 feet in length.

It's no surprise that other builders have entered the market, many with offerings that fail to pass muster with
knowledgeable boaters when compared to the level of durability, reliability and luxury that Nordhavn's 30+
years of experience bring to the water. These boaters know that Nordhavn's commitment to solid, proven
construction fundamentals will deliver them and their crew safely to their destination, near or distant, every
time while offering the level of comfort and enjoyment that Nordhavn owners and dreamers have come to

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