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With 37 years experience in the brokerage industry, Peter Hansen Yacht Brokers have a proven track record in sales and service.

Our brokerage is expanding rapidly and we are always looking for new listings. We take pride in our customer service which is second to none, providing up to date information, across three websites , Boatpoint and Yachthub. Peter's sales staff are on hand 7 days a week, rain hail or shine to help you find the boat you are looking for, or alternatively, sell your boat. Peter Hansen Yacht Brokers also offer Marina berth sales, Club Marine Insurance, Marina Management and consulting services for all Marina related areas. Peter Hansen Real Estate offers all your real-estate needs, from residential housing, Luxury penthouse apartments to commercial leasing - check out our website

Peter's sales office is located at the fantastic Mackay Marina Village, voted 2006 Marina of the Year, for all your enquires, please give us a call, send and email or just drop in.

Marketing of used boats and marina berths
Waterfront Real Estate.

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 Used Sail Monohulls Price
Herreshoff 28 AU $29,000
Roberts 370 Pilot House Cutter AU $59,000
Roberts 40 Spray AU $19,000
Whitsunday 43 AU $129,000
 Used Sail Multihulls Price
Atkinson 15 Catamaran AU $399,000
 Used Power Boats Price
Gentlemans Surf Boat Gentlemen's Surf Boat AU $14,900
Bertram 35 Flybridge AU $119,000
Fibreglass Fishing Vessel AU $99,000
Carvel Motor Sailer AU $65,000
Cougar Cat 12.5 AU $209,000
Meridian 408 Motoryacht AU $229,000
Now reduced
Perry 44.5 AU $685,000
Brady 47 New Listing AU $354,000
Fiddler Expedition Cruiser AU $645,000
Timber Bridgedeck Cruiser AU $179,000
Hatteras 58 Yacht Fisherman AU $249,000
Maritimo A50 Aegean Enclosed AU $920,000
 Used Commercial Price
Fibreglass Fishing Vessel AU $99,000
Line Fishing Vessel AU $200,000
 Berthing Price
G04 - 13.5m mono - Lease 2050 POA
X15 - 15m mono - Leased 2050 POA
G10 - 13.5m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $69,000
F03 - 15m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $93,000
B36 - 15m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $89,000
G16 13.5m Multihull - Lease 2050 AU $97,000
Z27 - 22m mono - Lease 2050 AU $149,000
Y21 - 15m Multihull - Lease 2050 AU $109,000
15m Mono - Lease till 2050 AU $89,000
H13 - 12m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $59,000
G15 - 13.5m Multi - Lease 2050 POA
X05 - 15m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $100,000
T33 - 12m mono - Lease 2050 AU $59,000
H02 - 12m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $58,000
X38 - 13.5m Multi - Lease 2050 AU $99,000
Z25 - 22m mono - Lease 2050 AU $120,000
A04 - 12m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $61,000
X13 - 15m mono - lease 2050 POA
C01 - 16m mono - Lease 2050 POA
H03 - 12m mono - Lease 2050 POA
J11 - 11m Mono Berth POA
J arm, love J arm. POA
Nice and Snug against the main walkway POA
Make life easy, Get a Marina Berth. POA
J19 - 11m mono berth AU $79,000
Moor with Confidence and ease AU $95,000
Mackay Marina Berth H10 POA
Now reduced
12m Mono Hull Berth H12 POA
Huge price reduction
J14 - A logical place for your 40 footer POA
Cheap 12 metre multihull berth POA
Good central position POA
Handy Position POA
H16 - 12m Monohull POA
T42 - Easy Berthing in any Breeze - Think of it as a marriage saver !! POA
G22 -12.5m Multi-Hull Berth on T -Head AU $95,000
G01 - 13.5m Monohull Berth POA
Now reduced
G10 - 13.5m Mono - Lease 2050 AU $69,000
X04 13.5m Mono Hull Berth POA
X16 - berth no longer required POA
Huge price reduction
G19 13.5m multihull berth POA
Multihull POA
Y12 - Quiet and Close POA
Tucked in nice and close, even afternoon shade! POA
F2 - Now this is CLOSE! POA
B40 - 15m Multi - Lease 2050 POA
Position, Position, Position! AU $105,000
F05 - 15m Monohull Berth POA
15m Mono Hull Berth POA
C42 - 16m Multihull Berth POA
B08 - 16m Monohull Berth POA
B14 16metre Mono Hull POA
17m Monohull POA
Now reduced
Z08. Where the Rich and Famous moor. POA
Z17 - 17m mono - Lease 2050 POA
Z06 -17m Mono Hull Berth POA
Offers please POA
Big Berth Bargain! Luxurious 9m wide on the newly constructed Z arm. AU $120,000
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