10000T LCT Deck Barge

US $4,400,000
380' 7" - 116.00m
Vessel Location
Launch Year
Hull Material

This ship is a deck cargo ship driven by stern engine, bulbous bow, double engine, double propeller, double rudder and diesel engine. The ship has a first floor at the bow and four deckhouses at the stern. The stern is a single-deck single-bottom transverse framing structure, the middle main deck is a single-deck longitudinal framing structure, and the bottom 7000mmThe area is a double bottom longitudinal framing structure, the side is a single bottom longitudinal framing structure; the forward deck is a longitudinal framing structure, The bottom of the ship is a horizontal frame structure with a single bottom. This ship is a multi-purpose deck ship, which can transport iron ore, coke and steel structure and so on. When using vehicles to load and unload cargo on and off the ship through the bow ramp, before all cargo loading and unloading is completed and ready to sail, It should be ensured that all loading and unloading vehicles have safely left the ship through the ramp. During the voyage of the ship, no one is allowed loading and unloading vehicles remain in the loading area. At the same time, the ramp is to be lifted and locked with the deckhouse on each side, and there is a corresponding sound in the bridge and light alarm facility. This ship is a sea ship.

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US $4,400,000   
Boat Reference
Launch Year
380' 7" - 116.00m
20m (65ft 7in)
4.20m (13ft 9in)
Vessel Location
Hull Material
Cabin Capacity Forepeak Cabin: 167.70m3 NO1 Ballast tank (P/S): 72.40 m3 NO2 Ballast tank (P/S): 190.13m3 NO3 Ballast tank (P/S): 231.42 m3 NO4 Ballast tank (P/S): 207.11 m3 NO5 Ballast tank (P/S): 197.15 m3 NO6 Ballast tank (P/S): 207.01 m3 NO7 Ballast tank (P/S): 202.50m3 Heavy Oil Tank (P/S): 33.64m3 Light Oil Tank (P/S): 35.41m3 NO1 Fresh water tank (P/S): 19.04 m3 NO2 Fresh water tank (P/S): 20.92m3 Propulsion Device Host Model: G6300ZCB/G6300ZC1B Rated Power: 750 KW x 2 Rated Speed: 400r/min Gearbox Model: 45.49 Speed Ratio: 2.467:1 Host Machine Model: G6300ZCB/G6300ZC1B Type: Four-stroke, water-cooled, in-line, direct injection, supercharged intercooling, irreversible change Rated Power: 750kW Rated Speed: 400r/min Bore × Journey: 300mm×380mm Fuel Consumption: 215g/kW. H Oil Consumption Rate: 2.18g/kW. H Start Mode: Compressed air start Gearbox Model: GWC45.49 Reduction Ratio: 2.4671:1 Gearbox Oil Reserve with a Pump Model: 2CY-7.5/2.5D Flow: 7.5m3/h Pressure: 2.5MPa Motor Power: 7.5kW Main Generator Set Unit Type: CCFJ100JL Rated Power: 100kW Diesel Engine Model: 6135ZCaf Power: 126kW Amount of speed: 1500r/min Fuel consumption: 235g/kW. H Oil consumption rate: 1.0g/kW. H Starting method: DC24V starting and pressing compressed air start Dynamo Power: 100kW Voltage: 400V Frequency: 50Hz Combination of fuel and exhaust gas boiler Model: ZYS0.35/50-0.7(Dual machine type) Fuel Evaporation: 350kg/h Evaporation of exhaust gas: ~350kg/h Working Pressure: 0.7MPa Unit Power: ~3.4kW Boiler Feed Pump Model: 25W-70 Type: Horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump Flow: 0.78~1.8m3/h Pressure: 1.1~0.52MPa Motor Power: 3kW Working Temperature:
Max Speed
8 knots
Crew: 13

Cabin Ventilator
Model: CZ-80A
Flow: 27000 m3/h
Full pressure: 530Pa
Power: 7.5kW

Engine Room Exhaust Fan
Model: CZ-70B
Flow: 15000 m3/h
Full pressure: 230Pa
Power: 2.2kW
Safety Gear
Fire-fighting and Life-saving Equipment
CO2 Fire extinguishing system: engine room CO2 Fire extinguishing system protection.

Fire Equipment:
5kg dry powder fire extinguisher: 2 tools
9 Liter Foam Fire Extinguisher: 20 tools
45 Litre cart-type foam fire extinguisher Portable Foam Gun: 1 tower
5 Kilogram CO2 fire extinguisher: 4 tools
Fire Hose and Water Gun: 15 only
Firefighter Equipment: 2 sets

Life-saving Equipment
Life Jacket (with life jacket light): 17 pieces
Life Jacket: 15 pieces
Lifebuoy with self-igniting light: 4 only
Lifebuoy with lifeline: 6 only
13 Man self-righting throwing life raft: 2 only
13 Human fully enclosed lifeboat (each one of them doubles as a rescue boat): 2 only
Red Light Parachute Signal: 12 pieces
Lifesaving rope thrower: 4 tool
Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus: 7 tool
Lifebuoy with self-igniting light and smoke signal: 2 only
Ride the rope ladder: 3 departments
6 Man throwing life raft: 1 only

Fire Pump
Model: CLH80-220B
Type: Vertical heart pump
Flow: 45m3/h
Pressure: 0.48 MPa
Power: 11kW

Emergency Fire Pump
Model: 80CWY-55 flow:60m3/h
Pressure: 0.55MPa
Diesel engine power: 20kW
Start mode: electric start
Cooling method: water cooling (closed cooling)
Electronics / Navigation
Navigation Equipment
Marine Radar: 1 station
Satellite Navigator: GPS2 sleeve
Tail Shaft Tachometer: 2set
Rain and Snow Remover: 2Only
Rudder Angle Indicator System: 2set
Electric Tachometer: 2set
Echo Sounder: 1set
Standard Magnetic Compass: 1only
Steering Magnetic Compass: 1Only
Sounding Hammer: 1Only
AIS system: 1set
Electronic Chart: 1table
Gyro: 1desk
Autopilot: 1set

Signal Equipment
Anchor Light: 2 lamp
Mast Light: 2 light
Stern Light: 1 lamp
Sidelight: 2 lamp
Signal Light: 6 cup (of which2out of control light)
Portable daylight communication flash: 1 cup
Medium Flute: 1 only
Large Clock: 1 only
Large Sphere: 3 only
The Chinese flag (4 No): 4 face
International signal flag (4No): 1set of hand flags 1 vice

Radio Equipment
Medium / high frequency radio station: 1Set
VHF radiotelephone: 1 Sleeve
Nevotes Receiver: 1set
Guard Star Emergency Beacon: 1station
Radar Transponder: 2two-way
VHF radiotelephone for survival craft: 3one
Walkie-talkie: 3Only
Survey Details
Classification Society: China Classification Society
Ship Type: Deck Cargo Ship
Rebuilt: Aug. 2019
LWL: 112.80m
Length between Two Columns: 111m
Upper Deck: 113.88m
Depth: 6.60m
Main Deck Beam Arch: 0.20m
GT: 4415
NT: 2472

The ship's actual summer freeboard2416mm, satisfying our country 2011 Statutory Survey of Ships and Offshore Installations Statutory Survey Rules for Sea-going Vessels) and 2012,2014,2016,2018 Annual revision notice to B ship requirements.
Complete Stability
The intact stability of the ship under various typical working conditions satisfies the requirements of our country2011Statutory Inspection Regulations for Ships and Offshore Installations (National Statutory Survey Rules for Sea-going Vessels) and 2012,2014,2016,2018 Requirements for deck cargo ships in annual repair notification.
Damage Stability
The ship's damage stability meets the requirements of our country 2011 "Rules for Statutory Inspection of Ships and Offshore Installations" (Statutory Inspection of Sea-going Vessels inspection rules) and 2012,2014,2016,2018 Requirements for deck cargo ships in annual repair notification.
Watertight Bulkhead Setting
The whole ship is provided with watertight transverse bulkheads10road, located in FR5,27,35,56,77,97,118,141,161,177.

Main Hull Arrangement
Below the main deck: stern - FR5For the steering gear compartment. FR5-27 for the cabin. FR27-31 Left and right are heavy oil tanks, FR31-35 left and right light oil tanks, empty tanks in the middle. FR35-56left and rightNO7Ballast water tank with empty tank in the middle. FR56-77 left and right NO6 Ballast water tank with empty tank in the middle. FR77-97 left and right NO5 Ballast water tank with empty tank in the middle. FR97-118 left right is NO4 Ballast water tank with empty tank in the middle. FR118 - 141 left and right NO3 Ballast water tank with empty tank in the middle. FR141 - 159 left and right NO2 Ballast water tank with empty tank in the middle. FR159 - 177 left and right NO1 Ballast water tank, empty and emergency in the middle fire pump room. FR177 - The bow is the forepeak cabin. Below the deck of the first floor: the left and right are the sail cable compartment and the anchor chain compartment.
Deckhouse Layout
Main deckhouse: equipped with tool room, machine repair room, utility room, engine room shed, duty room, toilet, grain storehouse, storage room, storage room, CO2 Room, battery room, stairway, kitchen and dining room.
Poop deck house: equipped with stairway, spare room, toilet, bathroom, chief officer room, first engineer room, second engineer room, third engineer room wheel room and 2 crew room.
Living deck house: equipped with stairway, toilet, bathroom, captain's room, chief engineer's room, second room, third room and 3 between crew room.
Driving deck house: stairway, toilet and driving cab are arranged.
Hull Structure
Structural Form and Welding
The middle deck, side and bottom of this ship are of longitudinal framing type. 3Road longitudinal wall. Fore and aft and engine room decks are of transverse frame type. Both the bow and stern and the side of the engine room are of transverse framing structure. First and last It adopts a single-layer bottom horizontal skeleton structure. The main members of the hull are to be kept continuous, and reinforcement is to be made in case of unavoidable disconnection. Any strength member, such as When pipelines or cables pass through, manholes or other functions, the size of the openings should meet the requirements of the specification. Outer panels and other strength members. All openings shall have smooth rounded corners, and the bottom box and other openings shall be provided with thickened plates or cladding plates.

Outfitting Equipment
Anchoring Equipment
First Anchor: with2only Hall anchors, each heavy1740 Kg.
Anchor Chain: Equipped with Welding Anchor Chain AM2-Ø34 (GB/T 549-1996), long495 m. (3) Anchor winch: with Ø34 Electric windlass 2 table, left and right 1 tower
Mooring Equipment
Mooring Line: with eight-strand polypropylene cable 4 root, with a diameter of 40mm, each length 170 m
Rudder Equipment
Rudder blade: with streamline balance rudder 2 only, the area of a single rudder blade is 7.5 m2, the balance coefficient is 0.28, the thickness ratio is 0.15. The rudder area coefficient is 0.039, the aspect ratio is 1.2.
Servo: with 100 KN. M Swing cylinder hydraulic steering gear 1 Taiwan (dual rudder).
Pneumatic quick closing control valve box
Cylinder volume: 30L
Working pressure: 1MPa
Bench Drill
Model: Z406
Maximum Drilling Diameter: 16mm
Motor Power: 0.6kW
Jaw Width: 150mm
Model: S3ST-200
Manual Monorail
Model: WA2
Lifting capacity: 2t
Chain Host
Model: HS2-A

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