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Hi all My name is Matthew Pearce and I have been in sales for over 20 years prior to that I was a qualified
Auto motive Technician. My transition into sales was not an easy one but constantly learning and polishing my
abilities I have become very succesful in my sales activites. I have managed very large teams and also ran
marketing departments. Sales is very unique and there are two types of salesmen one who sits around and
waits for the sale and one who chases the sale. I myself like to think im the chaser sales takes alot of self
motorvation, passion and most of all a hunger for closing deals. I have always loved the chase and a challenge and I apply this into all my sales and try to think out of the box on how to do things better and strive to be better. The two loves in my life are sales and boating so I decided to combine the two and open Sea Renity Marine so far to date im extremely happy with my early success of the business selling vessels in just weeks after they have been up for sale elsewhere for several months.

Sea Renity Marine offers a full marine service not only brokerage but Mechanical services, Marine trimming,
Driver Training, general advice / repairs and of course my favourite Boat brokerage. If your thinking of selling
your boat Im happy to come down with no obligations and discuss the outcome you want which in most cases
is a quick sale for as much money as possible, but sometimes you need to spend money to make money,
but the trick is spend a little make alot this is after all what large brokers do with trades ins.

I will meet you on the boat and discuss what needs to be done, look at what your competing against and assist you in malking it all happen. I like to professionally stage most boats I sell with certain props to make it appealing make the beds with new matching linnen and pillows and to try engage the on looker to come and inspect as thats half the trouble the rest is easy. Videography is a must it might be expensive but it works and makes you stand out from the rest and it gives the potential buyer a much better understanding prior to comming on the boat reduces the time wasters and produces true leads resulting in the sale of the vessel.

I would very much love to meet you and what ever your vessel whether it be a Dinghy to Ocean Liner im happy
to assist you in the sale of your pride an joy. Please dont hesitate to give me call even if your just chasing some advice ill assist where possible. Chat soon and Happy Boating.

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