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JUST LISTED 36ft Trimaran Built from 32ft Farrier Plans
Length 36' 1" - 11.00m
"Puddle Jumper" is built off the Farrier 32ft plans - Sail No. 51. The design has been widened and lengthened to give…

Smithtown NSW, New South Wales
AU $215,000 Negotiable View Listing
JUST LISTED Farrier F-32ax
Length 32' 10" - 10.00m
Rush is an Ian Farrier Design F-32AX, built on the Sunshine Coast by an experienced boat builder and launched September 2014.…

Mooloolaba QLD, Queensland
AU $255,000 View Listing
Length 37' 0" - 11.28m
For sale a beautiful 2013 PHI 1100 racing carbon Trimaran with a full Ullman Carbon Racing suite of sails, Lorima Carbon rotating…

Langkawi, Malaysia, Asia
US $199,000 View Listing
Length 30' 10" - 9.40m
Fast Cruiser/ Racer Trailerable Trimaran, capable of Beaching Out.. This Tri is Aft Cabin Version Have successfully raced the…

Mackay QLD, Queensland
AU $75,000 View Listing
Length 44' 3" - 13.50m
"Superflux" is a well deserved name for this boat. Completely equipped for blue water cruising. She was bought new…

Whangarei, New Zealand
Euro €369,000 View Listing
Length 34' 9" - 10.60m
Think mini Orma 60 and you're getting close with this canting-rig, radial foil Carbon-constructed 10.6m trimaran. Capable of…

Auckland, New Zealand
NZ $90,000 View Listing
Length 32' 11" - 10.03m
Ian Farrier has long had a reputation as the king of the folding trailerable trimaran. The F32-SRCX represents the ultimate…

Northhaven, South Australia
AU $269,000 View Listing
Length 41' 0" - 12.50m
This tri was built in Nz. Done the Pacific and to Australia. Well built tri with all safety in mine if the shit hit the fan.…

Whitsundays QLD, Queensland
AU $28,500 Negotiable View Listing
Length 34' 9" - 10.60m
Timberwolf is an Ultra Fast Highly Modified 10.6 m Racing Trimaran. Fully upgraded with latest lifting foil technology. New…

Auckland, New Zealand
NZ $90,000 View Listing
Length 34' 0" - 10.37m
1996 Crowther Buccaneer/Kraken Hybrid, "Lung-Ta". This custom build has rigid crossbeams (aircraft box construction),…

Port Orchard, WA, North America and Caribbean
AU $39,900 View Listing
Sold Custom
Length 32' 0" - 9.76m
Professionally designed and built by Boatshop Philippines, this cruising trimaran was built using the Constant Camber mold method…

Carmen CEBU, Philippines, Asia
US $24,500 Negotiable View Listing
Length 32' 3" - 9.83m
Farrier F-32AX Aft Cockpit Trailerable Trimaran First of this design to be built and launched in Australia in March 2007. This…

Tin Can Bay QLD, Queensland
AU $180,000 Ono View Listing
Length 40' 0" - 12.20m
MUCH-LOVED BOAT - NOW SELLING Salamander is a Kraken 40, designed by Lock Crowther Her famous sibling-ships include Captain…

Hobart, Tasmania
AU $87,500 Reduced View Listing
Length 36' 0" - 10.98m
SULU, ( ex DEVILS 3), is a fast and comfortable crusing tri, was a racewinning tri in its hay day in the late seventies, it have…

Macleay island QLD, Queensland
AU $42,000 Huge price reduction View Listing
Length 38' 0" - 11.59m
Spoonbay extended to 38'

Lake Macquarie, New South Wales
AU $140,000 Make an offer View Listing
Length 37' 1" - 11.30m
Layout : Length : 11,30 m (37' 0") Beam: 3m / 7,80 m Draft: 0.5 m / 2.30 m Displacement: 2,850 kg Material:…

New Caledonia, South Pacific
Euro €185,000 View Listing
Length 35' 0" - 10.67m
One of New Zealand's fastest racing yachts, DRAGON is now being offered for sale at a very attractive price. Recently…

Auckland City, New Zealand
NZ $120,000 View Listing
Length 36' 0" - 10.98m
Beautifully presented this Corsair 36 has proven herself as a comfortable cruising boat as well as a successful club and coastal…

Birkdale, Queensland
AU $179,800 View Listing
Length 34' 9" - 10.60m
TImberwolf is an Ultra-Fast Highly Modified Racing Trimaran. Using the latest Lifting Foil technology, she has achieved a Top…

Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand
NZ $60,000 View Listing
Length 34' 9" - 10.60m
Trimaran set up for racing basic interior own one of nz fast yachts very competive Trimaran

Auckland NORTH ISLAND, New Zealand
NZ $120,000 plus GST if applicable View Listing
Length 34' 9" - 10.60m
This 1999 racing Trimaran 10.6 is now for sale. This is the perfect opportunity to own of New Zealands fastest yachts.…

Auckland, New Zealand
AU $129,000 View Listing
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