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Queensciff Harbour
Queenscliff VIC 3225
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 New Power Boats Price
Rodman Rodman Spirit 31´ Inboard POA
Rodman Spirit 31´ Outboard POA
Rodman Spirit 31´ Open POA
Apex Quepos-350 Sportfishing POA
Apex Quepos-26 Sportfishing POA
Apex Panga-26 Sportfishing POA
Rodman 890 Ventura POA
Rodman 1090 Evolution POA
Cantiere Savona Luxi 35 POA
Rodman 33 Offshore POA
Rodman 1290 Evolution POA
Rodman Spirit 42´ Coupé POA
Rodman Spirit 42´ Fly Bridge POA
Rodman Muse 44 POA
Okean 50X POA
Rodman Muse 50 POA
Okean 50 POA
Rodman Muse 54 POA
Okean 55 POA
Okean 68 POA
Rodman Muse 74 POA
Okean 80 POA
Cantiere Savona Luxi 95 POA
 New Dinghies / Inflatables Price
Apex AL-250 POA
Apex AR-12 Rafting POA
Apex - AR-270 POA
Apex AL-270 POA
Apex AL-310 POA
Apex AR-310 POA
Apex AR-330 POA
Apex A-11 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex AB-03 Bananas POA
Apex A-12 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex A-13 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex AR-14 Rafting POA
Apex A-15 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex AR-15 Rafting POA
Apex AB-05 Bananas POA
Apex A-18 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex AB-07 Bananas POA
Apex A-20 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex A-24 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex AB-10 Bananas POA
Apex A-28 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex A-36 Deluxe Tender POA
Apex A-33 Deluxe Tender POA
 Used Power Boats Price
Whittley Cruiser 2380 AU $84,950
Maxum 2700 SCR New Listing AU $85,000
Boston Whaler 270 Outrage New Listing AU $175,000
Or nearest offer
Zeelander 44 AU $895,000
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