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52 River Esplanade
(Marina YE)
Docklands VIC 3008
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Premier Yachting specialises in sales of premium new and used yachts and boats. Premier Yachting are yacht dealers and brokers, based at Docklands in Melbourne and offer quality sales and brokerage services with a large range of new as well as pre- owned quality yachts and boats for sale. Premier Yachting also, now specialises in marina pen sales. Premier Yachting's years of marine industry experience and high standard of client centred service achieves results. Call now to discuss your boating and sailing requirements with the professionals who have the knowledge and experience to make the boat buying and selling experience 'smooth sailing'.
 New Sail Monohulls Price
Catalina 315 POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319 New Listing POA
Azuree 33 POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 New Listing POA
Catalina 355 POA
Catalina 385 POA
Tayana 37 POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389 New Listing POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 New Listing POA
Catalina 425 POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 New Listing POA
Catalina 445 POA
Tayana 46 POA
Azuree 46 POA
Now reduced
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 New Listing POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479 New Listing POA
Tayana 48 POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519 New Listing POA
Tayana 54 POA
Tayana 58 POA
Tayana 64 POA
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419 New Listing POA
 New Power Boats Price
Sessa Key Largo One New Listing POA
Sessa Key Largo 20 New Listing POA
Sessa Key Largo 24 Outboard New Listing POA
Sessa Key Largo 24 Inboard New Listing POA
Sessa Key Largo 27 Outboard New Listing POA
Sessa Key Largo 27 IB New Listing POA
Key Largo 27 Inboard AU $189,000
Huge price reduction
Sessa Key Largo 34 Outboard New Listing POA
Sessa C35 POA
Sessa Key Largo 36 New Listing POA
Sessa C38 POA
Fairline Targa 38 Shadow - S POA
Fairline Targa 38 POA
Sessa Flybridge 42 POA
Sessa C42 POA
Sessa Yachtline C44 POA
Base price
Fairline Targa 43 Open POA
Sessa Flybridge 47 POA
Base price
Fairline Squadron 48 POA
Fairline Targa 48 GT AU $1,290,000
Fairline Targa 48 Open POA
Fairline Targa 50 Gran Turismo POA
Sessa Yachtline C48 POA
Base price
Sessa C54 Sport Coupe POA
Base price
Sessa Flybridge 54 POA
Base price
Fairline Targa 53 GT POA
Fairline Squadron 53 POA
Sessa Yachtline C68 POA
Base price
Fairline Targa 62 GT AU $2,227,930
Fairline Targa 63 GTO POA
Fairline Squadron 65 POA
Sessa Fly Gullwing 21m POA
Fairline Squadron 78 POA
 Used Sail Monohulls Price
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32i AU $130,000
GST included
Hunter 326 AU $71,000
Bavaria Cruiser 32 AU $79,500
Columbia 34 MK II AU $55,000
Lotus 10.6 AU $65,000
Jeanneau 36I AU $175,000
GST included
Najad 391 AU $299,000
Dufour 455 Marik AU $241,000
GST included
Beneteau Oceanis 50 AU $265,000
Nordia Van Dam 54 Ketch Custom AU $295,000
Beneteau 57 AU $539,000
Tayana 64 New Listing US $640,000
 Used Sail Multihulls Price
Leopard Catamarans 48 AU $1,290,000
 Used Power Boats Price
Williams 280 Minijet Sold POA
Beneteau Antares 6 AU $75,000
Sessa Key Largo 27 IB AU $180,000
Huge price reduction
Jeanneau Prestige 350 AU $220,000
Including Duty/GST
Delphia 1050 AU $227,500
GST included
Chaparral 350 Signature AU $199,000
Beneteau Antares 10.80 AU $214,000
GST included
Sealine 37 AU $207,000
GST included
Chris Craft Commuter 1930 AU $185,000
Chris Craft Corsair 36 AU $249,000
Make an offer
Riviera M370 Sports Cruiser AU $165,000
Intermare 37 Fly AU $267,000
GST included
Carver 350 Mariner AU $168,500
GST included
Ferretti AU $214,000
GST included
Azimut 40s AU $649,000
Now reduced
Mustang 4200 Hard Top AU $225,000
Prestige 440 AU $540,000
Huge price reduction
Pacific 44 Yachtfisher AU $145,000
Beneteau Antares 12 AU $350,000
Including Duty/GST
Astondoa 46 Fly AU $299,500
Including Duty/GST
Bayliner 4788 Pilothouse AU $295,000
Monte Carlo Mc5 AU $1,175,000
Gallart 50 Custom AU $279,000
Alaska 47 Sedan AU $479,000
Including Duty/GST
Azimut Atlantis 50 AU $655,000
Azimut 50 Flybridge AU $825,000
Including Duty/GST
Riva Rivale 52 AU $1,495,000
Including Duty/GST
Azimut 50 AU $475,000
Carver 530 Voyager AU $450,000
Now reduced
Horizon Yacht Elegance 54 AU $799,000
Azimut 55 AU $575,000
Fairline Squadron 55 AU $1,150,000
Including Duty/GST
Princess P56 2000 Princess P56 "Lady Beth" AU $495,000
Make an offer
Azimut 55 AU $590,000
Azimut 55e Flybridge AU $675,000
Sunseeker Predator 52 AU $850,000
Princess V58 AU $595,000
Prestige 60 Prestige 60 Fly AU $1,130,000
GST included
Princess 61 Flybridge AU $895,000
Huge price reduction
Azimut 62s AU $1,199,000
Including Duty/GST
Princess 62 AU $1,450,000
GST included
Sea Ray 630 Super Sun Sport AU $369,000
Custom AU $950,000
Azimut 62 Evolution AU $925,000
Fairline Squadron 68 AU $1,190,000
Mangusta 72 AU $890,000
Make an offer
Azimut 70 Flybridge AU $2,695,000
Guy Couach 2100 Open POA
Sunseeker Predator 72 New Listing AU $1,500,000
Including Duty/GST
Azimut 75 Flybridge AU $2,100,000
Including Duty/GST
Azimut 86S US $1,100,000
Custom Euro €3,200,000
Custom AU $1,450,000
Plus GST if applicable
Azimut Magellano 76 AU $4,638,000
Fairline Squadron 78 AU $3,450,000
Mangusta 80 Open AU $1,250,000
Additional costs may apply
Ferretti Navetta 26 Euro €3,500,000
Benetti LEGEND 85 - 'XOXO' AU $3,895,000
Benetti Delfino 93 Euro €5,700,000
Plus Duty/GST if applicable
Posillipo Technema AU $2,400,000
Ferretti Ferretti Custom Line 112 - Lady Maria Euro €3,500,000
Benetti AU $1,150,000
Inc GST but excl Govt charges
Benetti Classic 120 MY AU $8,900,000
Ocean Pacifico 38 - Callista Euro €3,950,000
Benetti FB 264 POA
 Berthing Price
15m berth Darwin AU $95,000
Marina Pen 10m Royal Brighton Yacht Club AU $35,000
10m pen at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron AU $79,000
Or nearest offer
Marina berth 10m takes up to 34' AU $25,000
Berth at Marina YE Docklands Sold AU $45,000
Additional costs may apply
12m pen at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron AU $121,968
Great Value 12 M berth in the heart of Melbourne's Docklands AU $45,000
Good value 15m berth at Brighton Yacht Club AU $32,000
15m North facing pen at Royal Brighton Yacht Club AU $65,000
15metre pen to take up to 49ft vessel Melbourne AU $65,000
Or nearest offer
15m Freeehold berth Hidden Harbour AU $275,000
15m pen at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron AU $152,460
Royal Brighton Yacht Club 18m Marina Pen For Sale AU $89,000
18m Pen Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron AU $182,952
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